PC611 Walking in Lazio the Missed parts of the Via Francigena and Etruscan Roads

...now in Cerverteri I am kind of sick of Etruscan tombs. I just had 5 days of walking past more Etruscan tombs and sites just north of Rome.

Previous met up with Vilma while she travelled Italy. She left for Barcelona on Wednesday so I went back to travelling alone

I started by going back to the Via Francigena ouside Rome to visit some places I missed out on.
- Wed June 15th - Storta, Parq Veio - duck tomb closed, porcupine on the path
- Thu - Isola Farnesse , acropolis, walk to Formello, path route too long, met the Museum director from Holland good info, friendly pizzaman. Met Mario
- Fri - Formello, wasted half a day due to blocked path, villa was nothing, met up with Mario's friends, Etruscan tomb, but closed gate not found

I moved to visit some more Etruscan areas
- Sat - Bracciano, walked the lakeside to town, nothing new, washed clothes, Bracciano ...touristy
- Sun - Canale Monterano abandoned medieval town.. Good walking, bubbling sulphur .. big walk out back to Tolfa
- Mon - Museums closed day - Tolfa, Allumiere, Cittavecchia, San Severa walked around towns, but all museums closed except ethnographic museum in San Severa.


- Tue - no roads lead to Sasso and when I get there it's boring anyway.
- to Cervertri a whole road of Etruscan tombs ..

- a) The Missed parts of the Via Francigena -->
- b) Lake Bracciano -->
- c) Tolfa, Cittavecchia, Cerveteri -->

- Had enough of Etruscan stuff .. 612 decided to go back to walking the Via Francigena

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