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ITALY 2011 Index
Now 4 months travelling north through Italy after 2 months in Sicily.
- Bit tricky as the high prices of accommodation etc. it's overtouristy, the insecurity of people, and Italian systems like buses and government offices not working very well
- was in Sicily then : Cosenza, Peistum, Salerno and Pompei (Naples) then Next Pozzouli ..then Appian way..I found that walking is the best way to experience the country .. and the only routes you can walk are on the old Roman pilgrim roads (and the old transhumanza cattle droving roads in the mountains)

My Opinions 2011 Italian Culture
What I am interested in is not so much what is "nice", but what is strange and different compared to other places.

Don't criticise Italy ...complain and things get improved

- It is wrong and misleading to generalise and have racial or national stereotypes ... People have the right to be treated as individuals as within any culture a rainbow of different behaviours exist. However the width of some colours of behaviour is wider in some cultures than others e.g. the percentage of tea drinkers is higher in the UK than Italy so we can be tempted to statements .. But not forget that a great percentage of UK people don't drink tea.

- We also have to realise that even in one nation culture is not fixed but changes over time. Modern Greeks don't have the same culture as ancient Greeks nor modern Italians have the same culture as ancient Romans.

- One quite common stereotype I hear in Italy is "the British are so arrogant", paradoxicallly this is usually made by someone behaving arrogantly "thinking they know it all, but never having been to the UK. ... Yes before the war you could say that many British people thought the UK was better than ot er countries, but after the war that thinking changed. Certainly when I grew up the culture of self criticism was very strong nothing being above criticism despite their authority e.g. Politicians, royalty ..parents .. Children always say "why ?" but the focus of criticism is always oneself ..as how can one improve if one doesn't identify ones own deficiencies ?

- I have noticed that 2011 Italy doesn't have this same strong self criticism the UK does. Many people say "why do you always criticise Italy ?"
1. Tell people the truth, don't massage their egos by telling them what they want to hear. For me it is best always to tell the truth, how can we improve if we lie and don't give the correct information ..it is disrespectful to lie.
2. Seen it before ... I don't go around saying this mountain, church is beautiful etc cos chances are I have seen something more impressive before in other countries.have the same culture as ancient
3. Those little irritations really stick out especially when they cost me hours and hours and don't happen in other countries.

- No self criticism in Italy is a problem It seems to me 2011 Italy doesn't yet have that same level of self criticism, but it needs it. When people keep their heads down and don't criticise then the process of improvement doesn't start.
..here are some opinions mostly from Siciliy, but confirmed in other places in Italy

- 2. Insecurity in society - driving like they have small penises
- They are no where near as open and friendly as Albanians are

- 3. Why not just Rename The Country Chuiso (Closed) ?
- Chiuso - the most important word. 50% of the time when I get somewhere it's "chiuso" closed for some reason, cos it's siesta or Sunday, or they don't work after 5 or it's under renovation, or the workers have gone home early etc .

- 4. Strange Attitudes towards sex .. it's like the 1970's here.

- 5. Bus - no you are encouraged to use a car ..

- 6. Now I understand why some tourists Dream of Italy .. it's the Italy of 2000 years ago not today

- 7. 90% of Tourists Affected with this cancer. .. stop taking bloody photos ..they are all on the internet anyway

- 8. The Time for Traveling in Europe has finished. .. 20 years you could travel a round Europe on a budget, but NOT now bloody photos ..they are all on the internet anyway

- 9. TIME OF CAMPING VAN TRAVEL in Europe .. there is no worrying about bus schedules or costs, nor hotels. still costs €40/day per person !


What drugs are the Lonely Planet writers on why describe a €90 hotelroom in the sticks as a bargain

Italian you already know
- Mostly like Spanish with a few words changed ..
chi-ttà - city
big - grande
moneda - the change small money
Do -ve ? Where
quanto costo ? = how much ?
inglese - English language, English Person
banca - bank
mercato - market
pullman= bus
treno - train
mezz'ora - half an hour
benzina - petrol
chi ta = city
zucchero = sugar

camera doppia - double room
Grat ze= Thankyou
Come stai? = How are you?

benne = good
Si = yes, No= no
parlo Italiano - speak Italian ?
andando - travel, caminando - walk, a piedi - on foot

Others phonetic spelling
mi excusi = excuse me

0 = cero
1 = uno
2 = doo- e
3 = tri
4 = quattro
5 = chink ko
6 = say
7 = se-te
8 = oto
9 = no-ve

10 = deedch
20 = venti
30 = trenta
40 = quaranta
50 = chinquenta

11 = un deedch
12 = dua deedch
13 = tri deedch
14 = quat-or deedch
15 = kin deedch
16 = sed deedch
17 = deedch sete
18 = deedch oto
19 = deedch nove

100 = chi entro
1000 = meel

- GOOGLE Translate Italian

sleazy men chasing foreign ladies.
There is this strange imperialism of English coming into Italian language

- whereby English are used often wrongly when a perfectly good Italian word exists.
: "Bed and Breakfast", weekend and drinkeria ! are ubiquitous

ITALY HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff

- Cultural Week - 9th to 17th April- Free Museums

- not much - the tourist information centres annoying practice of not stocking any material from other areas.. So commonly one reaches the neighbouring area during Chuiso time and one can't get info.

http://www.writingtravellers.com/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page=Italy limited pages LP has more

Couch Surfing Forum
Check subgroups for province and sub sub for cities
- CS Italy Wiki
- http://wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Rome
Rome - We are having a weekly aperitif every Tuesday starting at 8 pm at the Pepato Wine Bar, in Via del Politeama 8 (Trastevere) - map. First drink and abundant buffet food: € 8.

CS campshttp://ww.lt/www/cs-campsevents-2011-all-world-couchsurfing

CS now last minute box appears after you select the city

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )

Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )

British Council centre, Via Morghen, 3680129 Naples

- Wednesday nights meetup in Naples FB British Community Naples, website http://www.britishcommunity.it/
- Treviso Conversation-Group-Treviso on FB
- Bergamo
- Rome , Tuesdays 7pm
- Milan http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_111771958897721
- Udine in Far NE.. We meet once a week (on Thursday or Friday) in Udine's city centre to practice foreign languages, in separate groups, and help foreigners with their Italian.UdineBabel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends.See you there!!!To know more about the UDINE BABEL Group, JOIN US on: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=162233693788545
- their English group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159238474088922

- TA Tunisia forum
- Tunis City Forum
- TA Tunisia Main Page

- VT Tunisia forum
- VT Tunis City Forum not much
- VT Tunisia Main Page

Accommodation not in guidebook


Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : basic page on FB ..http://www.uaar.it .. Naples meet on thursdays and first friday of the month events
- skeptic - cicap
- science society - some science festivals genoa in october, from may http://tower.eurac.edu/en/sciencecafe/whatson/default.html in Tyrol
- freethinkers
- secularist - nothing found
- Humanist - European http://www.humanistfederation.eu, cos Humanist has a different meaning in Italy
- brights - http://it.groups.yahoo.com/group/brightsitalia/ have to be a member ..little found ..Udine meetup http://www.meetup.com/Brights-Meetup-Group-Udine/


http://www.jobinrome.com/ has real jobs, but must be an agency cos all big computer jobs

Search with "English" on kijiji.it or bricabrac.it ..checked again
- wwoofhelpx.net ..19 pages done
http://ukinitaly.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-italy/finding-job EXCELLENT Tips
http://www.britchamitaly.com/ chamber of commerce

expat forums
- http://expatsinitaly.com/phpbbforum ..
Job forum nothing good
Good job tips
http://britishexpats.com/ http://britishexpats.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=77good
expatforum.com active but only general thread ..nothing
- http://www.alloexpat.com old only
- http://rome.angloinfo.com/forum/forum.asp?FID=1001only a few jobs ALL ABOUT ROME

Checking English language newspapers
- GOOD http://ukinitaly.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-italy/eng-lang-publications
- http://www.italianinsider.it/ no jobs
- http://www.inromenow.com/ no jobs
- http://www.wantedinrome.com/ LOT OF INFO SOME JOBS IN CLASSIFIED
- http://www.informer.it not much
- http://www.theamericanmag.com/classified_ads/rubbish jobs
- some jobs last year http://www.italymag.co.uk/community/category/topic/living/work

- teachers forums

Jobs checked
From Helpx.net
I see an Irish owned school is offering WWOOF (freestay volunteer jobs)http://www.helpx.net/host.asp?hostID=2709&network=3http://www.asanaitaly.com/#/about-garfagnana/4538545333

another family in Tuscany say people can stay for free in the Winter ..just pay for fuelhttp://www.helpx.net/host.asp?hostID=4173&network=3

host 7607 holiday home company ---possible

4909 guides association in Rome starts October www.anticopresente.it

5997 theatre people but no location

campsite massa Lubrense http://www.villaggionettuno.it/

at Ballestrate I see a macroeconomics professor looks for helpx.net volunteers (host number 6451) to help maintain his holiday rental Villa and apartments

there is a backpacker hostel barrea abruzzo ..cant find more

treviso thing is near venice

- WWOOF - nothing for me

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries
- The British Institute of Florencea list in Rome http://rome.angloinfo.com/af/246/rome-libraries-and-book-exchanges.htmlRome: English Library opening in Servigliano (Palazzo Monti, Via Vecchiotti, 7) on Monday 4th April, 10am - 12 midday.Initially open on 1st and 3rd Monday mornings (market day) and Friday afternoons for now.
- http://www.bibliocastiglione.it/library.htmCastiglione del Lago is a town in the Province of Perugia of Umbria (central Italy

Mo Tu Wed Thu Fri 5 Sat Sun 7

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