PC609d Orvieto
Tue- in Orvieto
- I'd been walking in North Lazio & Vilma had been meeting up with her friends in North Italy at Venice, Verona & Lake Guardia. So I came over Orvieto on Monday night and camped in a vineyard & Vilma came down on the nighttrain. So we met up again in the morning as she was due to fly out of Rome in the morning.
- The big problem the station is at the bottom of the hill & the town is up the big hill and we both very tired.
We dumped the bags at a kindly hotel, instead of the one that charged €6. Then took the funicular up.

Tue in Orvieto

- We wondered around the old town a bit. Then on the tunnel tour to see the rooms carved out of rock below the main part of the town, which were used as medieval workshops etc.

- I didn't think the tour was worth the money, it was only 15 minutes

Update : March 2022 : It's on TV ..the tunnels turn out to be much older and bigger than I thought
Turns out it's about 2,300 years old. From when the Estruscans were hiding out from the Romans !
They had underground olive oil mills etc... Ah no they didn't those bits are medieval
.. official website

- Vilma outside the tunnels
- Next we went around the archaeology museum..The town was a bit too touristic & expensive to me
We walked the wrong way & didn't find a rosticeria & instead had a picnic in a park.

- We walked down to the main street back to the funicular. The funicular was bust so we had to wait for a crowded bus.

- We got a ticket for a train to Rome Termini, but there was no time to find a pizza restarant so we had to eat supermarket pizza on therain. Vilma was annoyed.

- Anyway we arrived in Rome Termini & managed to a room in the same bargain hotel.

What happened next
Wed - Vilma left to Barcelona for 1 week before going back to Venezuela.
- So my life should get back to normal .. I have to look for work and I have a million internet things to catch up on. I will start by going back to the Via Francigena ouside Rome to visit some places I missed out on before like Isola Farnese.

- Venice as it looks it the tourist brochures ..when it's not raining and when you don't know the gondolers are a rip off €70 price
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