PC612 June21 back north on the Via Francigena
Discovering a better Italy and meeting many kind people

- There are 15 postcards for this walk
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Previous - was walking in Lazio missed sections of Via Francigena and Etruscan Areas
- Wed June 22nd - net then Rome to meet Mattia
- Thu - bus to Viterbo - meet Elisabeth, and Enrico, Valentina and Guiseppe again.
- Fri - check Marta, then posted some stuff north so I don't have to carry it. cost 14
- Montefiscione
- Sat - continued walk to Bolsena .. Path is so twisty it's double the road distance
- Saw - start to meet people coming coming the other way ... today 11 pilgrims including Ozzie Andrew the superwalker.. .
Sun - to San Lorenzo, Grotte, Acquapendente...
Mon - Acquapendente - another of my walk almost nothing days ..cos sightseeing and internet, supermarket etc. takes all day .. I always seem to leave 7pm and b be setting up camp at 9.30pm
Tue - from 4Km before Proceno - boring day ..walking grain feilds in the heat ..met 2 focused Belgians
Wed June 29th - from 4Km before Radicofani - the place with the biggest views I have ever seen.. Met 2 focused Italian walkers, and a Flemish Belgian.. (they walk twice as fast as me) Up at the castle I met met Michael Gerner from Liechtenstein we had a great talk for 4 hours ..poor guy I hope his ears are OK (I actually let him talk mostly) . He gave me a fantastic Via Francigena route map for Tuscany
Thursday - walked just beyond Radicofani ... mets a few radically focused pilgrims (they don't stop off so they missed impressive Bagno). ..but I stopped off to visit places.. washed my socks hung them on my pack then lost stripey one ! irritated, another Rock castle/monastry town, Then Bagno Vinoni ancient thermal baths with Roman and medieval parts

Fri - Vignoni - another rock monestary town, arrived in S Quirico d'Orcia - met Javier the cyclist form Galicia. On his route from Napoli to home he has stopped off at many of the same places as me : Mondragone, Itri, Bolsena

via-francigena Wikipedia
correct lazio directory
italian guys stages
e.g to Acquapendente
Official European Union Info page
via-francigena Association Info page difficult to follow
Some info via-francigena Info page dififcult to follow
Stopping off to give Special classes :
British man's lecture on 108 countries of travel
- This is Stewart Green from the UK I have been travelling for 21 years through more than 108 countries, working as I travel in many diferent jobs ...from being paid to watch football, to being an English teacher in 7 countries to being in a movie with Jackie Chan. I will be coming to your town soon as I walk sections of the old Roman pilgrim road the Via Francigena north from Rome - One thing I do is stop off in smaller towns like yours and visit an English School to give a guest lecture. This is interesting for the students and they always have lots of questions so it gives them to practice their English by interacting with a native speaker.

- If you think this would be interesting for your students please contact me to arrange a time.

- I charge 30 for a 1 hour presentation or 50 for 2 presentations .. With a discount of 15 if you can provide a room for me to sleep.

- More information about me is available on my website.

Solar farms wasting all the electricity they generate !
..explain someone please

- Saturday night I saw a solar panel farm with halogen floodlights on all night .. This is strange to me as an electrical engineer, they seem to be wasting currently solar isn't very good in practice for generating electricity, surely they are using practically all the electricity they are generating. Then Sunday just before Acquapendente I saw the same thing : lots of halogen floodlights blaring, but this time it was 6pm daytime. The thing was I could hear and then found a diesel generator running connected to a large fuel tank. A video of that would make a poor advertisement for solar electricity. The site looked finihed I.e. Not under construction.


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