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- In Ponte d'Arbia By chance met Adriano Fontani who kindly invited me in for lunch told me the sad story of how his life has been destroyed after 15 years ago he denounced the Jehovah's witnesses for wrong doing. Which became a grand conspiracacy against him with first the JWs instigating "shunning" of him including by his own wife and children then his own education authority and then the justice system. Sounds bizarre, but actually quite believable in Italy.

- I would advise him

1. Don't let the problem take over your entire life compartmentise the problem .. Make one day a week when you do only other things I.e. don't do any busines with shunning and legal problems. Yes it's not a nice problem , but he is still alive and able to njoy being a human.

2. Deal with it by finding human interactions outside the family. We are prisoners of our own expectations. We build a system of expectations and feel bad when it doesn't work well e.g. Perfect family. In this case culture says "our own family is the all and be end all in our lives". So when someone takes this away they stop our lives. The nuclear family is the most popular system, but it is not the only way.. There are cultures like some Nepali tribes, where men never think about their own biological childen. We can interact and benefit from social interactions with other humans other than our own family.. Like children we teach or the people we workwith in jobs and projects. Be a human

3. That he has a strong legal claim against the JWs cos 1. you can't punish a man without proper judicial process and 2. Punishment must fit the crime. - It is a common phenomenon of such cults and religions that when criticized instead of investigating properly they take it as an insult and concentrate instead on attacking the accuser. .. Using such tactics as ostracising (shunning) and character assassination.

On the side of scientifically organised organisation any one can come forward with evidence and make logical arguments. But religions are based on dogma and the authority of "the big man", so they are not good at correcting their mistakes "We are perfect so if you criticise you are 'evil' and you are only a little man, so we don't have to listen to you .. Go Away", It's no wonder they provide a haven for corruption and sexual abusers.

Despite JW saying the shunning is a private affair between the family, since they regularly instigae it when the church is attacked, it is a systematic process instigated by the JW organization. So 1. The JWs are persecuting him. 2. Without proper judicial process they can be said to be breaking the 4th commandment of bearing false witness .. ironic "witnesses giving false witness"

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