611c Tolfa, Cittavecchia, Cerveteri
Sun - The next destination was Tolfa,

- so to me the logical route was to keep going west along the valley, as the main road is in the next valley over. It was a big walk out along the river, past a dam, through a cattle farm, 1 field, 2 fields & 3 fields of big long horn cattle to eventually come out on the Tolfa highway. 3Km further to the junction with the road up to the road to Luni sul MignoneThe other Etruscan town ruin, but it was too late to go there. Anyway since it's not near to a road, but is on the old trainline; so best visited by walking that trainline.

Luni sul Mignone Ruins photos and map of the area

- I hitch hiked and got a ride to Tolfa with the archaeologist who works in San Severa.

- I walked right through town, but it being Sunday the museum was closed. So I walked all the back and upto the castle. New houses had been built, but there was still a lot of empty houses.Tolfa was nothing new to me

Mon - Museums closed day
- Tolfa ..museum closed then bus to another old town Allumiere.. walked around. ..museum closed

- Bus to Cittavecchia the city port for Rome. Lot of cruise passengers. Did bit of internet. Walked tourist circuit : old walls , port, old town market high street etc.. but today all museums closed except ethnographic museum in San Severa.

Mon - Castello di Santa Severa

- I came back to the station & took a train San Severa an old fortress by the sea

- I met the old man running that museum ... quiet interesting.

- My plan was to get to another old town the Norweigen had recommended to me. But what a scew up I walked 3Km and then came to a road saying "Private Road"so I ended up taking a train to Cerevertri. It was late so I camped there.

Tue - Cerveteri
- To get to Sasso I walked 4Km north then 3Km east & hitched last 2Km.When I get there it's borring anyway ... It east essentially just a hotel for weddings.

- Lucky to get the one bus per day to Cerveteri.. Most circuitous route ever... Athe old town went to the museum and then too the bus 3Km to the famous site a whole road of Etruscan tombs ..

OK but now I've seen it all before and the site doesn't have proper 21st century displays which could add a lot to the understanding. The museum was the same lots of glass cases instead of good interpretive displays ... Dull day .

- I walked back to the old town & then took a bus back to the station suburb 3Km away ... I met the man who works at the huge UN office in Rome.

I'd had enough of Etruscan stuff

- so without any other ideas I think I might go up to Montefiscione and pickup walking the Via Francigena north again. I hope I can bump into more lecture work etc. I made a rough plan to maybe meet up with Valentina and Guiseppe in Viterbo. So tomorrow I will go back into Rome & collect my stuff from Mattia.

- The next postcard is 612, but see the INDEX for Walking the VIA FRANCIGENA first for the maps etc

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