PC611a The Missed parts of the Via Francigena

Wed - Storta, Parq Veio, Isola Farnese
- Cos I'd come off the Via Francigena into Rome via Calcata & Prima Porta I decided to go back to the last parts of the Via Francigena.

- I did my internet and washing etc. Then I set off in the afternoon, first by taking a train to Storta to get past all the city.
- Dico supermarket was great. I started walking to Isola Farnese, but just before I got there was a sign to Parq Veio and I found myself in a little visited Etruscan archaelogical site. I followed the sign north to some Etruscan tombs, but because they are painted with coloured ducks (Tomba delle Anatre) they were locked up and the area was too full of mosquitos to camp.

- I came back into the park past the old mill and Etruscan channels and into the forest ..By then it was dark and I came across a porcupine on the path ..that's the first time I have seen one in the wild.

Thu - Isola Farnese to Formello
- complesso di Campetti - First I walked the archaeology path.

- I paid to go in acropolis site : (interesting how they used the scaffolding roof facade left over from the 2008 Etruscan exhibition to show how it would have looked like.

- I back tracked into Isola Farnese proper, but it's nothing compared to other rock pinnacle towns like Calcata. It's basically just a big house converted into flats & a few other houses

Thu - Stupid path to Formello.
- I Followed the official VF even though they seemed to go in the wrong direction. Across a river, a lengthy zig zag route .. A couple of other necropoli. I diverted to pass the Lazio training facility, but didn't see the archaeological site.. Eventually came out at the main road into Formello.

- What idiot planned that route ? it's twice as long as it could be.
- It's clear to me that the ancient route wnet along the valley bottom for 500m from that watermill at complesso di Campetti to the Via Formelliese and continued straight north 3Km to Formello. I can only think that the authorities want to keep walkers off the road.

- I met the Museum director from Holland. Good info at a mini display as the new museum isn't yet open. I didn't go out to the Roman city archaeological site as I've seen enough. The pizzaman at the rosticeria gave me a free slice. At a café an old guy asked if I was staying at the pilgrimage centre and then said the government had spent a lot of money on it, but it was never open. To be honest I never thought about it as I'd become accustomed to camping and I'd spotted a place on the map near to an ancient archaeological cave Grotta Franca.

- I walked up this road in a cutting on a steep hill. Then along the road & up a cul de sac to the start of the path, but there was a big gate with a donkey and no sign of the path as the paddock ended in brambles.

- I went back to the road & I searched for another way down. Then Mario drove up & offered to help. He dropped me at the other end of the path. So I camped at that side.

Fri - Formello to Bracciano
- I had to find what was going on with this path. I followed it down to an old mill, where it was blocked, but people had clearly crossed there. I continued to a ford back and picked up the official signs again to a small cave, pool & waterfall. I wasted half a day. As I came back up thd hill there were some necropoli. Eventually the path just ended at the brambles the other side of the donkey. It was clear someone had deliberately blocked the path. I had to come back & follow some hunters tracks which came over the fence into the garden of a big house ...to a 2m gate I climbed over back to the road.

- I walked back down the hill to town, explored the old town, but not much to see. Then east and around to the abandoned Villa Chigi-Versaglia, but that villa was nothing as it was surrounded by brambles. So I continued south down country lanes and across to the mainnorth -south road and to the petrol station owned by Mario's father. We had a few beers and then Mario dropped me down the road near where the complesso di Campetti met the road I went to a necropolis north of there Tomba dei Leoni Ruggenti, but being am elaborate tomb it was locked up.

- So I walked past the traffic jam to Storia station. Used the internet and then took the train to Bracciano

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