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Warning ...take no notice of reviews...what you like depends entirely on you and what you are like and what you have seen before.

Theatre Reviews

A Philadelphia By: David Ives
Performers :L.A. Theatre Works Where : On Radio 4
70% : Fun and provoking
Review : a nice short play..I also saw this at the Edinburgh Festival 97 in the All In the Timing production by The California Faultzone Theatre  
plot :
comments :
The Golden Fleece By: Homer ?
Performers :The Common Players Where : The Pit Finsbury Park When : 9/8/97 Cost : 5.50
60% : An enjoyable reworking of Jason and the Argonauts
Review : Family community theatre style. Plenty of enthusiasm,but didn't quite work- not tight enough. Particulary there was no strong ending and there was no shade !!  
plot :
comments : I would probably see this company again
Comedy Workshop By:
Performers :Jack Milner Where : High Wycombe When : 7-12/7/97
40% :Not as good as I would have liked
Review : It started off looking very good..structured and fun with good warm up game. Though overall I was a little disappointed.
plot :
comments : Vince Capri will always be a legend
"Do you Eat With yer fingers?" By: ?
Performers : ? Where : The Theatre Royal Stratford East, London When : 1995/05/18
XX% :
Review :If you would like to go and see a good play in London don't waste your money
on those hyped up commercial show.
plot : (about asian life in the UK, with a set of young creative actors)
comments :

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