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Hollywood is crap : generally the real quality of a film is inversely proportional to the hype. Batman, Mission Impossible (Tom Cruises), ET ... All crap .. though sometimes Hollywood does let one or two good things through. Steven Spielberg !! Jeez the best thing he ever did was "Duel"..a real good tense thriller, since then it's been down hill all the way.

Oh Shucks It's SchusterBy:
Performers :Leon SchusterWhere : Cinema , South Africa
80% :Good fun and meaningful
Review : A man gets struck on the head and wakes up in the new South Africa.. wow things have changed !
plot :
meaning : Treat others how you want to be treated; in films the good guys usually wins

Lust For Life 1956By:
Performers :stars Kirk DouglasWhere : Bravo
70% : Great if you want to understand Van Gogh and his paintings
Review : An old film; made when a romantic style was popular, but still well made
plot : romantic rather than 100% truthful
meaning : life's a bastard

TrainspottingBy: Irvine Welsh
Performers :Where : video
40% : Not My cup of tea
Review : overrated..maybe the book is better
plot : Glasgow junkies try to kick the heroin habit
meaning : Heroin really fucks you up, your worst enemies are your friendscos they drag you down to the lowest level. A lot of Scottish people drink too much and get violent.

ExoticaBy: Anton Egoyan
Performers :Where : BBC2
20% : Weak
Review : More proof that people who make films can't write. It would be much better if they took someone elses good story to begin with.
plot : Being close to a murder causes deep psychological effects...big news
comments :

Carousel By: Rogers and Hammerstein Type: Musical
5 % :Dull dated, stupid slow story
Sekel Must Die By: Linda Type: Czech film
5 % :Dull dated, stupid slow story
Review : A Czech village during the war . A bad guy grasses the farmers to the Nazis and then takes their farms; what can they do ?
meaning : 
  1. people are rascist regardless of outward appearances (the good guy is a Lutheran, the Catholics hate him)
  2. sometimes you have to do bad to do good (they can't change the bad guy he has to die)
  3. all men are evil on protecting themselves (they let the good guy die for fear he might link them to the killing of the bad guy)
  4. war fucks people up
comments : Learn alittle about Czech history and culture. An interesting serious film examining fundamental points. Though it's let by down by having a super-stereotypical  bad bad guy