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Books are GREAT ... they can teach you so much and because they work directly on your imagination they can take you into situations which are much more real than film, TV or theatre.

EXPLANATION ....The bookshops and libraries are full of millions of books in a lifetime you can't expect to read them all. Indeed I believe that most of them aren't worth reading anyway. So it's a priority to find those works which are truly inspiring and entertaining.

    Good Novels --- in order of good to bad, with a rating out of 100, click the filename for a detailed review
    To understand something you have to experience it, but of course you can't go to 16th century London or onto a 23rd century spaceship at the drop of a hat, but with a book you can !
    Take - Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr (one of the best novels ever written) (amazing imagination and lucid style of writing), which takes us right into New York's Seedy and Low Life side
    oldreviews.htm - about 20 reviews in one file
    70goldtheman.htm sci-fi with permaculture ideas
    60montana.htm Cynical cowboy book
    60 marktwain.htm mark twains last stories
    55We-Zamiatin.htm basis for Brave New World and 1984
    45 the 39 step OK about 1939 spy conspiracy
    40 Mostly Harmless Douglas Adams
    35lodgedavid.htmHow Far Can You Go ? Poking fun at the Catholic church
    35milagro.htm Mexican culture in the US
    19shambala.htm Americans can't resist making money by churning out books full of hippy claptrap

    See also - Most of the works of Shakespeare (tho' better seen as plays), Graham Greene, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Roald Dahl, Tom Sharpe, Terry Pratchett, Jack London, George Orwell,
    Best non-fiction ---
    Utopia by Thomas More. It's incredible that Henry David Thoreau was using ideas from this book written 500 years ago and More in turn was using ideas from the Bible and Plato's Republic written 2500 years ago. People say there are never any truly new ideas. It's a pity that marketing and the need to make money by selling new books puts such classic enlightened works into the shadows
    84walden.htm - By Henry David Thoreau - 150 years ago he wrote that our capitalist culture is crazy
    80utopia.htm - 500 years ago Thomas More also called the capitalist sytem crazy too (see detailed analysis)
    83semler.htm Maverick By: Ricardo Semler 1993 owner of a Brazilian company Semco came up with a completely new system of management ..empower and trust your workers,great
    85semler2.htm 7 Day Weekend By: Ricardo Semler 2003 A slightly better rewrite of the above book
    (for more criticism of modern capitalism see Confronting The Future by Charles Birch -
    (for more criticism of modern capitalism see Plato - works Philosophy for Beginners by Richard Osbourne dewey 100 Also Plato for Beginners - good - cartoon style Plato writes about a utopia like state in The Laws called Magnesia 4 classes not communist or equal - many strange things same as Utopia - education taught through play - very detailed rules In many ways it's different from the state he proposes in The Republic e.g different roles for men and women
    80plato.htm by :RW Livingstone
    83psychic.htm By: Matthew Manning - an incredible book about Poltergheists
    80 synopsis/mediums.htm Books About Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine a detailed analysis
    75supernature.htm Supernature By: Lyall Watson 1973 incredible, establishment says supernatural doesn't exist cos it can't be explained ..he explains (not mickey mouse)
    80fukuoka.htmThe One Straw Revolution A brilliant philosophy about Doing everything with nature (not just agriculture) this simple way is best. The world has been blinded by science. Very impressive
    60 The philosophy gym : 25 short adventures in thinking by Law, Stephen. Also v good The Philosophy Files
    45stupidwhitemen.htm Michael Michael Moore 2003 I really like his philosophies, but this book is a bit disappointing
    45ufobook.htmThe government's man says they do exist
    40gypsies.htmA real insight into gypsy life in the USA
    40acrosschina.htm travel to Tibet, Everest, Mongolia
    old reviews

    Books about the importance of science over pseudo-science - Voodoo Science - Robert Park notes, Unweaving the Rainbow by Richard Dawkins notes, Demon Haunted World By: Carl Sagan

    Melvyn Braggs Book about the history of the English language

    See also non-fiction writers : Edward de Bono (lateral thinking), Desmond Morris (Anthropology), Charles BirchSee also synopsis and analysis of some books
    dmorris1.htm The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris
    BOOK6HAT.htm 6 Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono
    birch1.htm Confronting The Future by Charles Birch - critism of modern capitalism
    mediums.htm Books About Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine a detailed analysis
    aykbourn.htmAlan Ayckbourn's Playwriting Technique
    huxley-a.htm The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley (give up your glasses)
    Analysis of Anarchism From-The Anarchist Reader by George Woodcock
    Some quick notes : Silva Mind Control, How to Advertise, Food of the Gods - Terence McKenna , Alien abduction
    And for more serious information look out for good documentaries on British TV and BBC radio 5, 4, World Service. e.g. Horizon, Correspondent and Time Team

    Travel/Guides ---
    85vagabondUSA.htm - the best travel book ever written
    65% A Walk in the Woods Bill Bryson's funny tale about walking the AT in the East Coast of the US
    45journeywithoutmaps.htm - Graham Greene in West Africa

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    TIPS : I write a review if I read a good book, cos I am so likely to forget the title otherwise.
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