Acting Games

Warm Ups

  1. statuemaking out of the other person
  2. rythmn name- circle clap hands/knees, shout someones name they have to shout someone elses without losing the rythmn
  3. reaction acting, rizla on the forehead with job on, you have to react towards them and they have to start acting like what they think they are
  4. On the streets ..the actors go out and try to act out a convincing scene eg that one of them is a famous movie star can they have their autograph
  5. Follow activity - someone leads off, (no speaking) the rest try to follow and do the same activity eg conducting, gardening
  6. mirror mirror- look directly at your partner and mirror them
  7. sense memory - pass an object around the circle- pass it again but mimed -things happen to it ..bigger, lighter etc
  8. Location Mime - footy match or doctors surgery
  9. Situation Cards pick 1. job, 2. mood, (can choose again if too difficult) optional 3 location
  10. Non Verbal - scene with 2 actors -no voice -no english -gibberish
  11. Truth and Lies- the actor ddefines 2 events eg I've been to China and I was in love at school the others ask questions for 5 minutes in order to find which one is the lie
  12. Hidden Motives - eg 2 business partners A wants to make B sell up to make a lot of money, B is having an affair with A's wife so wants to stay together
  13. Pass The Prop - improvise alternative uses for it
  14. Complaints Dept - B leaves the room A is the complaints clerk and gets the name of the object B has to complain about the object until he guesses what it is
  15. Be the royal family, body guard,police, journalists
  16. Spy make a situation e.g. Trans Siberian, give most people an identity card to fill out, some of the group play police who have to interrogate the others and find the spy
  17. This is ... a warm up game all are in the introduce the person on your left, I am ..., then introduce the person on your right...continues around the circle
  18. Oranges and lemons.. players are given the role orange or lemon and sit alternately in a circle player is in the middle if he shout oranges all the oranges have to stand up and find another seat..he tries to grab a seat. He can shout fruit bowl which means both oranges and lemons have to move
  19. Sherlock Holmes - select Holmes - he leaves the room - select a murderer - all sit down in a circle - Sherlock reenters - The murder keeps winking at victims and they die until Sherlock works out who the murderer is
  20. Cat and Mouse - two teams cats and mice, select one cat and one mouse - blindfold them - the mice shout to the mouse to try to save him - meanwhile the cats try to shout to guide the cat to catch the mouse
  21. Talk who can talk for the longest using proper English without making a mistake (just like Just A Minute)
  22. The Distortion Of Reporting - split the group into 4 - group 1 act out a scene - group 2 witness it - group 3 the reporters interview a witness each - group 4 the editors write up their reporters story and read it out to the class
  23. Who am I ? each person comes in the room they behave as that person eg policemean until the rest of the group guess who they are.
  24. Photo - the group are given a photo and improvise a story from it
  25. Job : you play the part of a famous character doing something which is not his normal job e.g.Dracula as the England Manager.

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