609c ROME With Vilma
Sun - Tue : Rome

- Sun - Rome next, what time will there be a bus to the station ? .."It's Sunday they won't be one today"
... oops 20 tense minutes of trying to hitch ..with a grandma aready there saying "im poss see blay", "im poss see blay"..WRONG More Luck kindly grandad Jose passed crammed us all into his tiny car & dropped off at the action.
- Got tickets from machine .."is this train OK with our tickets ?" "lets get on any way... 40 minutes later at 10.30am we were at the Roma Termini station ..and within 40 minutes we had found a bargain hotel 300m away ..right in the centre of Rome ..You can't do that in London.

Sun : Walk thru Rome - Fountains etc.
Sun - Main sites : Santa Maria degli Angeli, past the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Navona Plaza & fountains, Palazzio di Giustiza, Castelo etc

Mon - Vatican to Coliseum ?
- Huge queues at the Vatican museum, into Vatican ..it's just a church ..doesn't seem the biggest.

- To the Piazza Farnesse, up the back of "the Typewriter" , Piazza Campidoglio, Forum Ruins and Coliseum

Tue - Not Sutri or Viterbo
- Tue - we had to abandon plan to visit North Lazio ..cos of problems getting transport info ..so we walked more Rome Plazas and found a special museum Mario Praz Museum

along river to Circo Massimo

...Vilma left on night train to Treviso to stay there Wed and Thu.
- Fri to Sun : Vilma stayed in Verona and on Sunday her friends from Alessandria came over and took her to Lake Gardia

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-Compare these 2 maps : Present day map with map of Roman times from http://www.livinginrome.com/info/rome-map-english.php
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