PC609 With Vilma

Fri-Sun Sermoneta

- Bit of luck next, we arrived at Latina Scalo and Sermoneta is on top of a hill 5Km away, but when we phoned the hostel they said the owners father would come & pick us up. The youth hostel is a converted convent one owner is a British lady & the other is Dutch. It has to be one of the best & economic place to stay in Italy. There's a kitchen, a garden and incredible cryptroom

- We wondered around the old town & got a pizza from the bakery , which then slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor ..oops

- Sat - We were tired & the hostels good so we decided to have the full day at Sermoneta. The thing was it was just a normal touristic Saturday, it wasn't like when I came before when all the towns people were out at the festival. We walked around, but a couple of small things like the walls were always closed, we did the guided tour of the castle I think Vilma enjoyed that.

Sat - Sun : Sermoneta

- There were a few interesting people at the hostel like the Italian who'd immigrated to the UK 60 years ago etc. ..it's the kind of place where people extend their stay.

Sun - Rome next

- what time will there be a bus to the station ? .."It's Sunday they won't be one today"
... oops 20 tense minutes of trying to hitch ..with a grandma aready there saying "im poss see blay", "im poss see blay"..WRONG More Luck kindly grandad Jose passed crammed us all into his tiny car & dropped off at the action.
- Got tickets from machine .."is this train OK with our tickets ?" "lets get on any way... 40 minutes later at 10.30am we were at the Roma Termini station ..and within 40 minutes we had found a bargain hotel 300m away ..right in the centre of Rome ..You can't do that in London.

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