88 Greenleft Bullies

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Melanie Philips podcast : right is bullied by left

Where's that troll gone ?
very ironic The audio was all about new green/left trying to close discussions down.
And he/she came here to do exactly do that.

- Salient point is Guardian Types RACISM : "(our) Green is the only way, Non-greens are evil"
- Graham Strouts had a good essay about "Left is the new right" old left was
1. pro-progress to improve workers lives.
2. and pro tolerance

- It's not that we old green/left have moved rather it's the political establishment that has moved.
- Watts, Bishop and others labelled ex-greens are still the real greens.
They are certainly pro environment whereas alarmists are not, their dogma is counter productive.

However it's not new is it ?
Hard left like Stalin has always
SHOUTED for socialist values
ACTED with facist values

God shaped hole
Yes, believing dogma is EASY
Thinking rationally about complex things is HARD
nice to belong, to fit in etc. ....

Recent UK Ice Eras

Qn for Cameron : When was the royal sleigh last used ?
- yes for hundreds of years there used to be one as every so often there'd be a superfreeze in London and Thames would freeze and there would be frost fairs Here's a podcast for you
A listener who is also a weather expert describes the great Frost Fair of 1814 - the last time the River Thames froze over.

climate has always CHANGED so CC is not new


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a Stew Green opinion
Out of the box thinking
- from someone who was never in the box in the first place
moved from the USEFUL BLOG to the REALITY CHECK BLOG

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