87 Beyond Science
Beyond Climate Scientists


- There is proper Science ;limited by what is VALIDATED
and Beyond Science where people use their imaginations
So people like Joanna Haigh, Chris Turney, Mann, Hansen who routinely extrapolate certainty beyond the validated I would class as BEYOND CLIMATE scientists

... and R Betts and Tamsin Edwards, I guess social pressure prevents them from staying with proper science ?

beyond (validated) science, beyond scientists

Where was the BBC asking hard questions ? When we started on this badClimatescience path, fawning over I guess, cos they didn't want to offend their dinner party circuit mates.

- I notice Booker's article is headlined "BBC and Channel 4 news prefer their 'narratives’ to the truth"

Recent UK Ice Eras

- I was going to say someone needs to run down to the BBC bosses hangout in Hampstead with a fire axe to free them the alternative reality they seem to be trapped in where Mandela is Jesus and Green fantasy is the bible.
- Mandela was no thief, but hundreds of rape victims everyday and the racist sexist ANC in charge South Africa is hardly a success.


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Out of the box thinking
- from someone who was never in the box in the first place
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