Comet Stores : tricky business structure
- Comet bankrupt, but owners don't lose money..surely that's fraud. Normally if owners lose money, but BBC OTM. explained this Private Equity structure used : instead of putting £1m into your company, you only have shares of say £20 and then the rest say £1m of your money you put in as as an indebtured loan to the company. When it bankrupts you are top of the creditors ..whereas your suppliers and customers with gift vouchers get nothing.

- I guess the owners will even have made money as they will have paid themselves director's fees of course.

BBC FOOC : continues to show great insight
..much better than news headlines pros..Israeli Government counterproductive defence strategy, which causes more "wrongs" than it stops and surely alienates people and breeds more terrorists thus perpetuating the cycle of violence etc. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/fooc

Sociology of Teaching
2 interesting things came up while talking about teaching :
1. foreign TLGs in Georgia told of their frustrastion of how kids have been programmed not to use their imagination
- when they told the children to draw a " monster", they couldnt draw anything until shown an example.. then the teacher got 24 exact copies from the kids
2. In Turkey people obviously have had a bad system of learning English
- they think far too much about grammar .. when we would expect the English to come straight from their brains
.. "Why Why" the students ask about grammar
- No don't think WHY, just accept what IS ..and with experience you will speak english well
- for us foreigners .. the concept is that the pupil has skill when the stuff comes from the unconscious part of their brains not just by repeating standard answers.

.. An example of this ..Tahir has a magic trick .. when I try the trick by logic I find I can't separate the nails, but if I just play around then I can do it. So in a few minutes I understand how to repeat the steps .. even though I don't understand the logic (the truth is the logic is counterintuitive.. it's actuall to dod with twisting in the wrong direction like 2 corkscrews)

It's the same for learning English you don't need to understand how the language works, in fact it's more difficult when you introduce thinking about grammar
Good stuff on abc LNL
Did you know that the word "hello" is a new word ? Excellent interview with David Crystal the man who really understands the English language.
.."hello" was invented by the first telephone companies, whilst other common words have been used for 1500 years.
- Varieties of English are a native language in 120 countries.. so there are 6 new words everyday..partly cos you can easily make new words by changing nouns into verbs & verbs into nouns very easily which you can't do easily in other languages
..so that's why it has a least 1 million words. - He's head and shoulders above University experts on English language (from Russia etc.) would constantly make statements of absolute certainty about the rules of English to their students which I can see are complete bunk.
More good stuff in the LNL archive "The past is today" In the Middle East says one writer as he seeks to explain why some nations don't move forward fast, because politicians like to keep up the myth that a nation state is an "us" and that people in the past living in the same place were the same "us" http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/past-programs/?page=2 http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/women2c-men-and-sex-in-the-arab-world/4255516

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