#46 New Hockey Stick PROVES DEBUNKED

New MARCOTT Hockey Stick HYPED ..then DEBUNKED

- See the report of the new study absolutely confirming Global Warming March 7th : The new hockey stick showing for 11,400 years temperatures have been flat, but in the last 100 years suddenly temperatures have increased

* then look at the UPDATE at the very bottom issued March 31st as a result of a note added to the study over the Easter holiday weekend.

". . . the 20th century portion of our paleotemperature stack is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes . . ."

- This is flaming typical of Climate science reporting ..Most scientists stay in the lab saying "we don't know", and the media darling scientist/activists come out with a new reports often usurping the scientific process by going straight to the media. The BBC, ABC ..Guardian trumpets it with large headlines. Then after 1 month skeptical bloggers find significant errors in the report, but too late the meme has escaped into the public sphere.

- This happens time and time again, even with such news like : Death Threats Stories" ANU scientist targetted with death threats", which finally turned out not to be true. There were no death threat emails the ANU could present to the authorities : joannenova.com

...When it comes to Climate Change it's : "New Science report says" ..... oops no it doesn't

- Financial Post dissects the story : "In recent years there have been a number of cases in which high-profile papers from climate scientists turned out, on close inspection, to rely on unseemly tricks, fudges and/or misleading analyses."

- We’re screwed ..We’re not screwed (?) - A Climate Scientist professor commenting on that media trumpeted paper which turned out to be a PhD thesis

Met Office Proves it is a Warmist propaganda Dept
- The Met office hypes up global warming when it speaks in public, but when someone FOIA their reports it says something different

- eg. last years drought "Neither the development nor the severity of the 2010/12 drought was exceptional compared with historical events, and its climatological drivers have several similarities with past droughts.There is therefore, as yet, o evidence that it was due to climate change and not part of the natural variability of the climate."
... how come they don't say that in public ? etc.etc.
- Wattsup foia-obtained-met-office-document-shows-them-to-be-clueless-about-what-affects-our-climate-and-in-particular-what-caused-the-unusual-weather-last-year

why bad science dominates science
- From my FB page in March - Good Video : Another scientist like Ionnides explains : why bad science dominates science, absurdities of statistics as applied in the social sciences And climatology. Especially published in the media.
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