Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement

- The Rice Video - Simply they use a pile of rice to show how much we have increased the CO2 in the atmosphere
- I found it on the glossy new blogsite of the Galileo Movement GalileoMovement funded/founded by 2 Oz engineers
- They've got a Facebook page The-Galileo-Movement
- Their weekly paper

- Their website is more like an encyclopedia of the climate debate

- source watch (Monbiot's leftwing research group that never background checks leftwing groups) didn't dig up much dirt : http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Galileo_Movement - it gets it's info from this Wattsup page

GW Monolpoly
- Someone should do a version on Climate Madness Monopoly : collect $2bn Carbon Tax, Pay Windfarm Subsidy, Rain on your solar farm & TIMBO's GET OUT of FAIL CARD ! ..make sure the CO2 act doesn't pass GO

Wind farms near Highland Schools shut down due to planning irregularities

- Wind farms near Highland Schools shut down due to planning irregularities : why's no one covering this story

Fake Eco-Charities

- Interesting : claims charities are fake if they collect government money & then spend more than 10% lobbying the gov back fakecharities.org - one organic charity : It is also funded by the Plunkett Foundation which is, in turn, funded by the government ..how often does that happen ? - type in Climate into the search and it finds fault with lots of eco-charities

Death threat video
- Warmist websites were shouting about some skeptical vidoe which features "death threats" .. so İ wasted time checking :

- Again to save you the misery of watching the tedious videos. The death threat is him trying to hand a noose to the speaker.

- Rather than straight anti-alarmist protestors they appear to be some kind of some of cranks more concerned that he's "An agent of the British Royal Empire"

- Yep have no problem in condemning this type of behaviour. It would be absolutely wrong of Climate Skeptics or Alarmist

- Warmist Activists. You don't go into meetings & try & disrupt them, such action damages your own side rather than helps it.

- If you feel the need to protest you do it outside in a public place ...like the way they started handing out leaflets in the street beforehand, that's fine if non-obstructive.

- The "death threat" was the guy whop TRIED to hand a noose to the speaker. That was idiotic, but it wasn't an actual arrestable death threat to me.

- Then the videos shows 3 other occasions when an activist tries to disrupt, but gets thrown out, with more talk of this "Agent of the British Royal Empire" spiel....very bizarre


Greece lives a €10K LIFESTYLE on a €5K income leaving euro means end of borrowing means €3K LIFESTYLE on a €3K incomeIf Greeks think that pulling out of the Euro is preferable to downsizing their governmnet then they are insane

What's Theresa May doing to POLICE ? Think MINERS, Think WAPPING end restrictive practices

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