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Hype about electric lightbulbs
- from BBC More or Less text, audio
- You can't just replace a 60W with a 12W Cfl cos they take so long to come on, comparison was made with pearl not clear, and they use more electricity than they say ...so you get a 17W bulb which uses 20W so they don't save 70% less electricity maybe it's 60% and the life won't be 10 years unless premium brand .....better LEDs will be out soon.

- West's economy can grow : innovation creates value out of nothing : cellphones, Sky, itunes, FB, MS. Without property bubble

growth in the ecomony although they are non tax paying mafia companies Sky, itunes, FB MS, do seem to create value out of nothing
- we do spend money on things we didn't spend money on before computer games industry, TV format industry

-Think Asia biz beats West ? #Olympus #fraud 20 yrs used takeover fees to hide losses. Won't be the only one, Asia has deceit culture

- BBCr4 veteran scientist Colin Blakemore fundamental research in2 eyes, spoke of why he stood up to anti-vivisectionists http://t.co/27vo1quA

watching The Watchers :Eco hype

- Spinwatch a group which is supposed to be Anti PR just tweeted Fracking lobby pays $747m to stop laws in Australia 1. they confused US with Australia 2. surely it's spin from anti-fracking lobby group 3. Surely the maths is suspect & misleading : "Common Cause" seemed to have counted every political donation by every energy company in the last 10 years as a donation for fracking lobbying..someone must have a better debunk

other Eco stuff

- Of course EDF spied on Greenpeace ...GP has a reputation for invading corporate headquarters & trying to shut them down #occupyLSX

if its really about saving CO2 why are #PV solar put on UK roofs when same panels wud save 3-4 times more if used in Africa ? #DECC #climate

- ImechE top engineers instn report #scotgov caught red handed using fantasy green maths re wind power http://t.co/oYkp1NKm #DECC #Renewables

- #FiTs Solar Wind PV DECCgovuk #RenewablesUK Remember the Dotcom Bubble ? Remember the Green Energy Bubble ? ... do the maths DECC Speech

- I guess the DECC buttering up the #RenewablesUK industry Either DECC is stupid, or corrupt or it's part of a Russian doll deception e.g. give millions to renewables to keep them quiet whilst they give billions to nuclear (I approve), or shale gas (Monbidiot claims it's CO2 footprint is higher than coal ..I doubt this)
- Maybe military already has fusion generation so the government is keeping green sector sweet knowing it won't pay them much as in a few years it will relase fusion to civil sector

Debunking Seance on Mainstream TV
- Excellent new video segment on seances & Spiritualism.

- Congratulations UK Skeptics managed to get a flawless piece on primetime British TV last night how showing Seances how were faked 100 years ago and asking us to think critically today.

- The prog on BBC TV is a general magazine show at 7pm everyday and has an audience of about 8 million across the UK.

- -this video would be excelllent for the Wikipedia page and other educational uses to explain Spiritualism, seances etc.

- Impressive exampleof public understanding of science
- Reality 1 True Believers 0 Wow that One Show Espisode was impressive well done all in chain
- triumph for reason cos normally media prefer open ended mystery rather true science that closes the argmt

Logic (from Radio Wales Science Cafe)
- Deductive A lead to B
- Inductive - from observation

contradiction technique - first presuppose it's false ..follow
deduction path and you end up with garbage e.g. 1=0 then it's wrong

Barbers paradox "he shaves all the men in the village who don't shave themselves" who shaves the barber ?.. example of contradition. .. too me thats an example of sloppy language. The barber "he shaves all the OTHER men in the village who don't shave themselves"

need for logic in schools

Logic joke
- 3 men on a train in Wales see a black sheep
man 1 see "all sheep in Wales are black"
Man 2 "No, some sheep in Wales are black"
Logician : "No, some sheep in Wales are black
..... on at least one side"

75 years of Television

- very interesting history

- The Fools On The Hill stupid writer Jack Rosenthal turned it into a love story when the engineering story is much bigger

Amateur trumps Einstein ? NOT
- iPM Ronald Pearson amateur scientist came up with theory which fits much better than Einstein's worth checking out. Too good to be true ? YEP disses Ron pearson
- his group
- his website

Idea : Media tithes

pay your tax & payin - professional service professional salaries : wikipedia shouldn't have to beg if people like it they should feel obliged to pay a tithe if they use it

Faith in Magic Formula Destroyed Markets
- Wired say for 5 yrs market had come to rely on the X. Li magic math formula that predicts risk, but they ignored the limitations

Solar Panels crap

- It's incredible to see most people are living on fantasy island, and others are confused with maths.Does anyone's business plan on Dragon's Den rely on getting a govt subsidy ? Of course not, If anything is any good it doesn't need a subsidy.
- If you have too much money, do you need PV panels more than rural families in undeveloped countries ?
- The Chinese secret service must laughing their heads off at how muddled the west has become.
P.S. is PV the most efficient solar ? It isn't.

Greenies free yourself from the cult
is it logic or emotion ?
remember dotcom bubble
remember the Green Energy bubble

UK Gov pays £9 per litre for it's Petrol - that would be an incredible headline. but that's an illustration of the maths. The Guardian's other article today gives the numbers : the FIT is 43.3p dropping to 21p from 1 April 2012. With Drax generating electricity at 4p /Kwh why was gov paying 43.3p ? Even at 21p it's easy for mafia to come up with scam whereby you pay 13p for electricity from your neighbours house and feed it back into the grid.

- Humans prefer to believe simple fantasies over complex realities.

- Doubly ridiculous that many people in isolated in isolated areas of developing countries have no electricity source, but rich families already on the UK. grid are installing their own source.

- Even Eco nutcase Monbiot says - "Are we really going to let ourselves be duped into this solar panel rip-off?"

- supposed to feel sorry for solar investors who get 30p per KWh ie more that 700% cost of Drax electricity

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