PC581 Tunisia 2010 Index 13/12/10

Before this see the - 580 UK in 45cm of Snow
Tunisia 2010 Postcards
- 582 Arrived in Sousse - after 10 days , Monastir, Madhia, Sfax, Mahares, x, Gabes (met some CSers Sulin again, and the Korean teacher and Ameth), Mareth (line museum),

- 583 Travelling in East Coast Djerba (met CS ), Medininne,
- 584 South : Tataouine 3 days (Lksors and Theatre festival),

- 585 South : Lksor Hallouf Gumrassen, Lksors Hallouf (2days),

- 586 Travelling in The Sahara Douz (1 night didn't like cos Touristy), Kebili (abandoned medina in the palmerie), Tozeur (1 night didn't like cos Touristy),
- 587 Travelling in The West Metlaoui, Gafsa, Sbeitla, Kasserine... passed riot towns by accident

- 588 Travelling in The North West

- 589 Travelling in The North Beja- Bizerte
Tourist in the Revolution
- 590 The Build Up - as I travel the country
- 591 Revolution Kicks Off All Over - as I reach Tunis Mon 10th January
- 592 President Fled ..They think it's over, but the RCD is still in Power - I'm out of the Big City and travelling in the calmer Cap Bon
- 593 Old Party Ministers resign from RCD and try to include oppositionSo not enough fight in the public to keep protesting Most Things Calming So I Return To Tunis
- 594 Old Ministers placate the Army and Union, by dropping to PM onlyThe Interim Government Moves Against remaining Protesters - world press moved onto EgyptI'm Still in Tunis
- 595 Revolution Optimists Convince Themselves everything is almost normal - Wrong ! Tunis was boring so I leave to smaller friendlier Places
My Opinions on Tunisia
- 583TO what do I know about Tunisian Politics 1
- 585TO the Army pounced on us Miami Vice style
- 586TO More on the Tunisia situation 2
- 587TO More on the Tunisia situation 3

Opinion - Lack of diversity understanding
- it was noticeable when I talked to Tunisians everyone thought there is only one way in life "marry and kids", They are clearly out of touch with reality.. Yes in their culture homosexuality might be repressed, but there must be many other people who don't follow the mold : holy men, people who are infertile, widowed, severly handicapped etc, never mind people who don't want to be enslaved to children. They shouldn't be made to feel second class people. - After this .I'll go to Sicily

- Summary :

Tunisian Arabic you already know
The big problem is Tunisian Arabic is not a easy dialect. It,s different from both standard Egyptian Arabic and Moroccan. They can understand foreign Arabic, but not the other way .... its inpenitrable to me.
- Simple French is widely used : Bonjour, Merci, numbers etc.

Ingleeziyya - English language
souq = market
Il-kar = bus
essans = petrol
medina = city
akbar = big
ween ? where
quaddash ? = how much ?
sukur = sugar
single room = beet li waahid
double room beet doobal

Others phonetic spelling

asalaama = hello
merhabba = hello to group
beslaama = Goodbye
Merci = Thankyou
La Bess = How are you?, hamdulla = OK

= good
aiwa = yes, lahh = no
kallim arabi - speak Arabic ?
ism ? = What's your name ?
Remember "an Ism" = is a name
= excuse me

0 = sifr
1 = wahad
2 = zoosh, itnen
3 = tlata
4 = arba
5 = khmsa
6 = sitta
7 = sabba
8 = thamaania
9 = tisa

10 = ashra
20 = ash-reen
30 = tlata-teen
40 = arba-teen
50 = khmsa-teen

11 = had-dash
12 = itn-ash
13 = tla-tash

100 = miyya
1000 = alf

- GOOGLE Translate Arabic

Some Hiking Tips

- 1. Zaghouan Hey, maybe this place an hour south of Tunis is a good place to hikesee
Old Zriba 1
Old Zriba 2

- I've been to Zriba Hamman so I know the turnoff
now I am in Sousse .. so I might go on the way back to Tunis sometime

- 2. Beja "located in the district of Beja, in the North-West ofTunisia, is not unlike the Cheddar Gorge and its caves in Somerset, England! Try climbing to the top of Djebel Goraa, just a little over 900m, on the steps built into the cliff face, for superb views over Beja Plain.

In May 1903, the missionary society, The White Fathers erected a statue of the Virgin Mary on a high ledge on the cliff, to create the "Notre Dame of Goraa!" The statue survived right up until 1998, but is now locked away in a concrete bunker under the cliff face, with a broken arm, following the attempted theft by some young bright spark, "
there is a photo on nomarmiteintunisia

Just be a bit careful, check the news and be streetwise. There was never any danger even at the height of the revolution as long as you stayed away from trouble and demonstrations. However today is not the same as before as things are the tiniest bit unpredictable that is why you have to be a bit streetwise. It is to be expected that when a country stops being a police state crime rises. And one of the new liberties people are quite enthusiastic to excercise is the right to strike .. though a campaign has just started for people to pu the interests of the country first. 95% of people are very kind, but there are the few who will overcharge, a few men hustling tourists and sleazy men chasing foreign ladies.
HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff
US State Dept warning

- forum.tunisia.com use whats new button
- forum.tunisia.com NEWS
- forum.tunisia.com security situation
- Nomarmites discussion is on Facebook
- Tunisia News : on Reuters Africa one of the best English Language news sources
- Tunisia Africa Press Agency news in English no longer carries negatives
- www.ansamed.info/en/tunisia/news/ another news site
- tunisnews.net is aggregating some stories also
- TV France24 news site in English
- synagogue story
- tuniscope.com good news site in French
- kalima-tunisie info from radio station ...banned ? seems so ... Now unbanned


- Nomarmiteintunisia (Marmite is a type of pot) very good site
- lexicorient.com/tunisia/ some good info and photos
- Tunisair List of Links
- tourismtunisia.com not updated
- bonjour-tunisie.com en francais
- bawaba.gov.tn Government Info Portal
- access-tunisia.com Portal Site
- bonjour-tunisie.com en francais

Couch Surfing Forum
- CS Tunisia Wiki
- CS Forum Group Tunisia
- Tunis CS Forum Group Tunis City
we're pretty active in Tunis. We meet on wednesdays and Saturdays and we post invitations in between about trips and special shows we go to.
-CS Sousse Group

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )

- TA Tunisia forum
- Tunis City Forum
- TA Tunisia Main Page

- VT Tunisia forum
- VT Tunis City Forum not much
- VT Tunisia Main Page

- Britishcouncil Tunisia - not many events
- carthage Info
- Laundry 3 Av Belhaouane sun close 1pm (back of the Cathedral)

Accommodation not in guidebook
- Ain Draham, Le Discovery : Camping, Youth hotel just south of town next to famous hunting hotel 98 912 519, 97 278 993

- http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/africa/tunisia not much detail

Rationalist Connections - ha ha free speech won't extend that far

- rationalist nothing found
- skeptic - none
- science society - not much
- freethinkers
- secularist - nothing found
- Humanist - nothing found
- brights - nothing found


Bargain Holidays in Tunisia 14 nights on Dec 5th 155pounds gatwick

Onward ticket rule; problem

- You know the "Onward ticket rule " Some countries have to discourage illegal immigration, they only let a tourist from some countries enter if they also have a ticket out. For the UK instead of refusing entrance to such people as they arrive they have a system whereby they fine the airline if they bring such a person in without an onward ticket so the airlines check people before they get on the plane in their home country. Thomas Cook Airlines says on their website that this rule applies to Tunisia. They also say that a boat ticket is unacceptable: I say that's rubbish : it's only a scam by Thomas Cook to sell to sell more tickets
- I decided to come by Thomson and paid a little more. I also bought a boat ticket online to Palermo; just to be sure ... it cost 30 Euros
- When I arrived at Monastir airport I spoke to the immigration officer in French. He was very kind .. and never asked about an onward ticket.

the english expert http://www.davidcrystal.com/
MoTuWedThu Fri5Sat Sun 7

A Good Trip Report Someone made
Just back from a week in Tunisia, hopefully our experiences may be of use to future travellers...

SousseHotel el Faracha - convenient for train station, as well as Medina and the new town. Pretty basic but clean and correct value for money. Very noisy on Friday and Saturday nights (there was a disco nearby) but quiet during the week. Medina - very pleasant strolling through the streets. Can recommend Cafe Seles for fresh fruit juice (they don't add water so no stomach bugs here!), and the view from the Ribat tower. A walk around the inside of the medina wall is a great way to start, just beware the 'red light district' in the North East corner!New Town - Planet Food decent place to eat, good portions and value. Walls plastered in movie star pics so very American feel. Beach - rather dirty and littered, road runs alongside it so not very peaceful
- Hostel in Sousse last right turn off beach road to northSousseAve Teieb Mhiri Plage Boujaafa4000 Sousse Tunisia

MatmataInteresting to see the troglodite dwellings but the whole place is very commercial and everyone assumes you are huge star wars fans (having never seen the film this didn't mean much to me). Visit early or late to avoid the coach loads.

Douz Not much to see in the town, which is nothing special, but the place to be for a camel ride or overnight trip into the desert. The camels seemed more comfortable than in Morocco for some reason - think it was because you sit further back rather than on top of the hump. Hotel Mehari a pleasantly designed hotel if you have to stay in a 'resort', decent food and nice heated pool.

Chott el JeridVery impressive at sunrise. Make sure you stop to take photos nearer the Douz end, otherwise you'll end up with lots of people in your pics as you look at the sun rise!

TozeurNicer than Douz, more character and impressive archiecture on many of the buildings. Visit one of the date palm oasis areas, interesting to learn about the process, its a lot more involved than you'd think.

ChebikaWonderful photo opportunities here at this mountain oasis. You can walk up and around the gorge and see the ruined village (devastated in the '69 floods). Just avoid the masses of tour groups from mid morning - afternoon. It becomes like a cattle market and you end up queueing to get around the gorge.

Djerba Erriadh - nice quiet little village inthe centre of the island, lovely hotel Dar Dhiafa - more like Moroccan riads, it is an oasis of tranquility amist the dust and scruffyness of the country. Very good service, friendly staff, gorgeous rooms, though the food quality wasn't always matching the prices. The synagoge is worth a look - very ornate. Houmt Souk - nice enough town, good fort and white and blue design on all the buildings, but disappointed in LPs comparison with a Greek fishing village - didn't quite live up to those expectations. Taxis are cheap though. About TD8 from Erriadh to the airport.

AirportsJust a note about internal flights - some (ie the Djerba one with Sevenair) had departure desks at the opposite end of the airport to all the other departure desks (it was actually in arrivals) which made it very confusing to find and there were no signs whatsoever. It was the same in Djerba and Tunis.

Taxis - Most try to charge for any bagge you have (it does actually say inside the cab that baggage should be charged for) but its easy to negotiate out of this. Most yellow cabs have meters but many don't use them so make sure you negotiate a price before departing if this is the case.

Interesting Travel Blog .. this guy is a bit over positive for me

: joestrippin.blogspot.com ... it's like he's paid by the Tunisia tourist board
- some sometimes you might be disappointed that the reality is not as good
- but his presentation does look great

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