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Attack of the Trip Advisors
- There was a documentary about businesses being damaged by Trip Advisor here but instead of talking about complex issues they decided to take the easy option a reality personality angle -- focusing on eccentric business owners who cry if criticised etc. and eccentric OCD reviewers who go on weekend trip only to write nitpicking reviews.

- Channel 4 has 2 modes : 1. professional crafted programme making 2. professional crafted programme making with reality personality crap
- "Lets make a prog about the world of TA how it all works and other things like fake reviews posted by owners/competitors/paid_reviewers etc, how it keeps hotels on their toes, but doesn't cover many hotels how 5% of guest cause 90% of the trouble. .. Na, that'll be complex and a bit difficult legally, lets do a reality personality angle instead."
- That's why they ended up with a simple black and white TV world prog about 1% corner of the TA world.

- I think this was quite a sad programme as it exploited poor people on both sides who were unaware they live in a strange bubble and then video edited to make good telly and make them appear more like nutters ..In the style of you've been framed

- In the same way a customer should explain problems to the owners straight away the producers should have a moral responsibility look "your'e coming across as a bit of a nutter, and that's not fair on your children you and your children etc .".. of course too much to ask.

- The reality TV angle of building personalities for viewers to hook into distracted away from the real issues, so I guess the owners of TA must be pretty happy with this show. Now the debate has quietly closed down.. no ones going to make another doco it's been dealt with.

- Wasn't that what the tabloids used to do ..pretend to tackle a complex issue then pick on a few people, mock them and move on. Come on Channel 4 you can do better than this.

- to construct is hard work, to destruct by review or TV prog is considerably easier..fact of life
- being able to accept criticism is a skill in the hospitality industry
- If the owners Quality Assurance worked then there would only be nitpick complaints, They didn't realise you can't see the trees when you're in the forest. Don't do your own QA. They should recipricate with another owner and do a nitpicking review of his property. That way complaints would be ironed out instead of using customers as guinea pigs.

- people dont have time to read all and the top and bottom headline are shown first, I think that why those sensitive owners seemed overconcerned,
- Reviewers have the right to free speech, but if it is untrue is it vandalism of someone's business ?
- Idea : Problemguest advisor ..ah I see http://www.guestscan.co.uk has it coverered
- a review from someone with no review history can be suspicious
- TA do enable the customer to find hotels for free and make a booking without paying a commission to middle men, being just financed by screen adverts ..that counts for a lot when other companies on the net are trying every SEO trick to get themselves between the customer and hotel and get a commission off both
- I have tried places with bad reviews and found owners keen to please, and also found places with good reviews complacent.
- The experience can different depending on the individual through all kinds of prejudices like whether you a woman or a man etc.
-like most internet stuff it's full of annoying people who hide behind multiple accounts.

- It's a deceptive world- In reviews, Watching TV, being on TV and in life in general don't take things at face value

- on ITVtonight those F-in rioters destoyed businesses & homes of 100 families God what-if was their families ..actions hv consequences #UKRiots
- after 9/11 you don't fk with terrorists after #ukriots we shouldn't fk with face mask wearers, tazer & snatch
- in future #ukriots will the ethnic minorities complain if police tazer & snatch mask wearers ? next #ukriots surely public expects police to tazer

- The ITV Tonightprog put crying in perspective we saw how UKriots destoyed peples businesses & homes of 100 families.

- Hospitality people ask yourself what kind of people you would employ ?
- On a trial day I would nit pick and moan like hell and then say "sorry I was only testing, good to see see you can put up with customers, welcome to your new job

- you can't run a business to please 100% 95 % is OK , you can waste hours chasing that last 5% and that's not fair on the rest

UPDATE : Trip Advisor director is all over the UK radio fielding criticism
#TripAdvisor : I just realised 2 things 1. director all over radio so they must have a rights issue 2. #TripAdvisor are not immune to UK libel law, class action from libelled hotels? - so AVOID INVESTING in Trip Advisor until they have measures in place to prevent libels

- The Trip Advisor director is all over the UK radio as he is doing a promotional trip over here.
- And from the hotelier comments I just realised something

- Guests and non-guests are getting away with writing libelous reviews ..cos they describe events that never happened

- - Clearly if TA was a newspaper it would get fined for publishing libel but being on the internet the director is trying to get away and avoid about this by saying "free speech, free speech . no one has only one review ..good reviews balance inaccurate bad reviews"
..load of bull as one review can be very damaging.
- I'll tell you what they aren't immune to libel laws they can certainly be sued here in the UK, they are just a publisher like a newspaper, they have a duty of care to avoid libel.

- I guess up until now they have been getting away with the minimum staff, knowing that most owners would be afraid to complain ..and they can be bought off anyway.

- I realise something else that director isn't over here for the good of his health ..so I bet they have got a "rights issue coming up"

- they can't claim they are OK under US law cos UK programmers are regularly extridited to the US for hacking and copyright crimes

Why The Tricky British Never Admitted they invented the Computer
- Very good episode of Timewatch
- The story is Bletchley Park’s WW2 code-breakers… but before you say “yeah, yeah, Enigma, Turing, blah blah, hasn’t that story already been told?” .... Decoded with Colossus the worlds first computer, which is why the computer revolution started in the UK and Silicion Valley never happened ... No it was something else, there was actually another secret secret code machine used by Germanies top 4 generals, a top mathematician genius decoded it, and later with the aid of 2 extra Colossus's they knew all the German's top secrets. Then after the war the Russians started to use the same machines. The British pretended all the Colossus was destroyed, but moved the 2 extra to GHQ and during the cold war they decoded Russian secrets. ..they couldn' reward the mathmatician or the secret would be blown. Then 1 year later the Americans revealed the world's first computer and kicked off Silicion Valley and the computer revolution. ..

- very interesting those tricky British sold code machines to other countries not revealing they had technology at GCHQ to break the codes

Thin Blue Line crap film, incredible story
- I don't watch American movies or TV cos have rarely found them any good. I think I am spoilt by the standard in British TV and radio being so much better. Anyway last night on TV was the Thin Blue Line a multi-award winning 5 star review movie. God it was crap and tedious.

- However the story was incredible : a cop was murdered in Dallas 1976, weeks later they catch a kid Harris driving a stolen car matching the description and with a hoard of stolen guns inside including the murder weapon..and this kid has already bragged he killed a cop. However somehow the kid tells a story " I stole a car, gave a guy a ride cos he had run out of gas and was walking along the highway with a petrol can, we became friends and hung out then went to a movie, then he took over the driving and on the way he shot the cop". Despite the fact the movie had finished 2.5 hours before the crime the cops went after this clean guy called Adams. He'd refused to sign a confession so in court , the DA got 3 dodgy people to say they'd seen Adams driving. The witnesses didn't turn up for cross questioning and all turned out to be questionable characters. Nevertheless the Texas justice process continued on and with no appeals left Adams was sentenced to death. They brought in this psychologist Grigson who was basically a rubber stamp for execution decisions, his argument in 100 cases said prisoners who showed no remorse (just like innocent prisoners) are sure to commit murder again.

- However 3 days before execution the federal court commutated the death penalty on the grounds during jury selection opponents of the death penalty had been filtered out. 10 years later this bloke comes into make a film about Grigson sees that the Adams case is totally unjust and investigates. He blows apart the whole case, basically shows Harris confessing who has by this time continued a life of crime and murdered another person. After the film comes out the Texas judicial system releases Adams.

- Jesus the guy spent 12 years in jail guess how much compensation did he got ? ... no apology and not even the $200 release money normally paid to prisoners.

- In1995, the American Psychiatric Association struck off Grigson. Grigson said " a bunch of liberals who think queers are normal". Bizarrely he was still used by the Texas judicial system as a rent-a-quack. Working for the prosecutions he always found the suspect to be a dangerous sociopath and strangely when paid by the defence always found people to be non-sociopaths .

14 years later, Harris was executed for the second murder.
- Adams died aged 61 of a tumour in 2010.

But the key thing to me is there was no sign of the DA and police being properly dealt with for their part. Apparently the DA still says Adams is guilty

Boston smugglers grew rich cos Tea imported to US was taxed in the UK first, that tax was replaced by lower US tax so angry smugglers dumped Disney lied, angry smugglers dumped Tea when imported to US was taxed in UK 1st, that was replaced by lower US tax so BBCr4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01724mf Boston Tea Party, Disney lied, truth was rich smugglers thugs were angry at new cheaper British tea so dumped ir BBCr4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01724mf

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