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June 2002 Eco-Fest - near Louth

I hitched back , but had to sleep in Leicster. On Tuesday at Lincoln I got a ride from Chris Gooch who told me about a small festival in Louth. I looked it up on the internet and it sounded really good.

Eco-Fest Despite being in the middle of nowhere hitching was good, a guy from Ludford took me right to the gate. It was an really good festival, not cos of the music or workshops , but cos of the really friendly atmosphere and location a hillside with great views over 220 degrees over the valleys below.
Susi who owns the land told me she bought the land at the bottom of the hill for a cottage, but cos of planning permission she had o farm a little as well . The farmer offered her the field on the hill cos the slope meant it's not good for farming. But of course it's got a great view and makes a great festival site. She runs everything along ecological line.. has windmills generating electricity. At the bottom of the hill she has her sign writing business and her new basket weaving project and cafe where people camp over for workshops.
It was probably half the size of the Leamington Fest which in turn was a third of the size of the Strawberry Fair. Cos it was small and in the middle of nowhere, there weren't many ruffians from the town and you got to know a lot of people very easily.
Children roamed everywhere and cos of the remote location people were able to drum all through the night in the tents. The festivals best groups turned out to be Camouflage a group of teenagers covering such stuff as Jimi Hendrix billiantly and the Misfits a modern circus group from Grimsby.
There was a really good team Susi the founder, Mel, the Biker Group from Louth ...Malc, Gary, Kay, Julia, Dean Steve etc, Steve, Helen and Geoff, Morris , Nath, Rennie the cider making recycle craftsman.
I mainly stewarded at the gate and helped with the cleanup which took the all day Monday and half of Tuesday.

Got back to Scunthorpe and spent a few days reading Utopia by Thomas More. It's incredible that Henry David Thoreau was using ideas from this book written 500 years ago and More in turn was using ideas from the Bible and Plato's Republic written 2500 years ago. People say there are never any truly new ideas. It's a pity that marketing and the need to make money by selling new books puts such classic enlightened works into the shadows. ... more notes

Oneworld Festival I read about this festival in Derbyshire so I decided to go over there and help out on Friday

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