PC 154 Summer Festivals

June 2002 Cambridge, Ely, Leamington Spa

Strawberry Fair (Hippy Festival in Cambridge) Granchester - I was lucky enough to arrive in time to see an interesting Robin Hood pantomime play in the Orchard
I spent so much time helping out with the enviromental team on the festy that I forgot to see most things

Ely Met up with Wendy from El Camino de Santiago and her mother.
Monday we went to St Ives a very picturesque town.
Tues - I went around the museums of Cambridge - Folk, Anthropology, Fitzwilliam OK I suppose
Then we went to see the John Godber : Play Lucky Sods ... in a local village hall ... pretty average
Wed - I went to the recreated Saxon Village and Historic Bury St Edmunds. The abbey complex must have been amazing in it's heyday

Friday to Leamington Spa Peace Festival. Spent the weekend helping out and went to loads of workshops :Magic, African drumming, singing, Reiki, Head Massage, drama, games etc
The team at Leamington were all very friendly the festival was also very well organised. Friday we set up. The festival was right in thge middle of town so it was busy, but the no alcohol policy helped keep it under control.
Sunday we got most of the site tidied up and finished up by Monday lunchtime. Monday hitched back to parents

I did a lot of hitching, but I was surprised that most people were surprised that I could get anywhere by hitching. One Albanian driver couldn't belive I was an English man without a car.

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