46. 20/9/00
Basque Country Northwestern Spain


  • Wed - Bilbao - a nice old town The famous Guggenheim ..... a Museum inside a sculpture with a 20m tall flower puppy dog outside
  • Thu - Train to to Durango (photo of typical Basque huge churchside wooden shade)
    then to San Sebastion like Scarborough with sun ...beach , castle funicular.

    I never anticipated any problems with ETA cos they never target tourists ... But on my 2nd day I appeared on TV walking past the scene of a shooting

  • Fri - crossed to France - EXPENSIVE ! - walked around old seaside resort of St Jean De Pied de Port. Then onto Biarritz (Scarborough with sun ,but no castle).

    Had to walk 6Km to the Youth Hostel cos the buses finished at 8.

  • Sat - Bayonne the most walled town I have seen is part of the same conurbation. It was a special heritage day - so many buildings were open for visiting and in the evening there was a 4 hour musical procession thro the old parts of town. So after I slept in the hammock in the old moat
  • Sun - Train up to San Jean de Pied a Port to begin the walk


    Future... 1000 Km walk El Camino de Santiago de Compestela

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