45. 3/10/00
No-one Speaks English in London!

I visited London on way to the airport

  • It's still a very interesting place with so many things going on, history, views etc It's not a good place to learn English; so many people were speaking foreign languages. As ever it was a bit of a culture shock.
  • I wasn't impressed by any of the new attractions - The Tate Modern , The London Eye or The Millennium Dome.
  • The comedy was crap.
  • You always lose a lot of time moving about even more taking the wrong tube etc
  • The cheapest place to stay is 11,but at least the North Gower St Hostel is central next to Euston Square.
  • Sat - went to Regents Park then down to look at the London Eye I would have gone on but 1. It's very busy so it's almost impossible to get a ticket 2. It's not that high, the ride only lasts 30 minutes and the ticket is 8.50 so it's poor VFM.

    and along the bank to the Tate Modern(pretty boring to me, I don't speak the language of art ,but there was nothing as interesting as the Dali's in the original Tate)
    Sun - South Kensington Museums . Big and Ok as museums go.
    Went to a Comedy club it was absolutely shite. When l was a lad comedians were quick, and wrote material which really said something as well as being funny. These new guys are pathetic in comparison.

    Mon - The Dome - the displays could have been so much better. It wasn't worth the 10 I paid. Maybe 3, 1 for the setting and 2 for the Blackadder film.  

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