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updated as some festival schedules have come in : Freethinking, Manchester, etc.
Ilkley Literature Festival
Can We Still Trust the BBC? Robin Aitken (his 2007 book)
Thu 10 Oct 7.30pm Ilkley Playhouse
- Aitken, who spent 25 years as a BBC journalist, has gathered evidence to claim that the broadcaster's news and current affairs departments are run and staffed predominantly by liberal lefties. The result, he says, is an output biased in favour of Europe, immigration, abortion and public spending, and - wait for it - is anti-American, anti-Israel and pro-Republican in Northern Ireland.

The scandals that rocked the BBC impacted on all aspects of the corporation. In the light of revelations about Jimmy Savile, Robin Aitken, a BBC reporter and executive for 25 years, asks what trust we can have in our national broadcaster. He paints a vivid picture of life inside the news machine and Light Entertainment department, arguing the scandals are rooted in long-standing lapses and shortcomings. £8/6.

- ACTIVIST George Monbiot: Feral
Thu 17 Oct 7.30pm Craiglands Hotel
"Making use of remarkable scientific discoveries, he lays out a new, positive environmentalism, where nature is allowed to find its own way, showing how rewilding could repair the living planet. £8/6."

- ACTIVIST Exploring Climate Change: Mike Hulme
Fri 18 Oct 7.30pm Ilkley Playhouse Exploring Climate Change: Mike Hulme Science at the Cutting Edge 174. Ilkley Playhouse Wharfeside 7.30–8.30pm Mike Hulme, Professor of Climate Change at University of East Anglia, has studied the subject for over 25 years, advising numerous NGOs, government bodies and private companies. Tonight he lays bare the relationship between climate change, science, policy, controversy, religion, ethics and the imagination, identifying how climate change has altered the world in the last quarter century. £6/4.

Aug 15, 2013 at 10:26 AM | Unregistered CommenterGrumpy.. lists an event
" Monday 14th October. Talk by Sir Graham Watson MEP. This will include his work as chair of UK charity Climate Parliament. Organised by Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon. Details tbc. Climate Parliament: "The UN's consensus negotiating method is limited, as it can be blocked by any major nation or small group of nations. While diplomats and governments continue to negotiate, the Climate Parliament Council believes that legislators should also pursue a parallel track: to build our way out of the climate problem. We have all the technologies we need to enable a rapid transition to renewable energy. We also have the knowledge that we need to preserve the rainforests. What we need now is new legislation and financial incentives to get the appropriate technologies and systems deployed. The Climate Parliament is creating a strategy for Clean Power for All (or see this 2-page summary). This is a strategy for global political action to help save the planet. It is a strategy that would result in a faster transition away from fossil fuels to the use of renewable resources in energy production. It is a strategy in which no nation is able to block international progress. This strategy calls on those state and national legislators who are genuinely concerned about climate change, energy security or peak oil to work together to take effective worldwide action. Legislators have the power to solve the climate problem by passing legislation in their home parliaments. They can also influence policy by speaking with presidents, prime ministers and state governors. The Climate Parliament has been created to help to help the world’s Members of Parliament and Congress to take action now.

I might pop along to see what all this is about. Advance notice received from Wiltshire Council's ECO team in their Community Environment News. Good to see our Council Tax wasted."

August 17th ScienceOnline Climate in Washington, DC from August 15-17, 2013! http://climate.scienceonline.com/the-program/ Paul Matthews listed

Manchester Science Festival Free. Thursday, 24 Oct to Sunday, 3 Nov

Some Greenie propaganda eco-farm
Enjoy a guided walk around the Biospheric Project, Salford's new urban farm and agricultural laboratory, and discover how cities can develop sustainable food systems for the future.
Sat 26 Oct 2013 10am - 11am Sat 26 Oct 2013 1pm - 2pm Sat 2 Nov 2013 10am - 11am Sat 2 Nov 2013 1pm - 2pm

Daily Tours : Fiddler's Ferry Power Station Mon 28 Oct - Fri 1st Nov Widnes Road , Warrington, WA5 2UT
Fiddlers Ferry Power Station is opening its doors for pre-booked visits, exclusively for the Manchester Science Festival. Enjoy a short presentation in our Education Centre before whizzing off in a site vehicle for a tour of the plant with one of our expert educational officers on hand to answer all of your questions.

WHAT CAN ART BRING TO OUR UNDERSTANDING OF CLIMATE CHANGE? Wed 30 Oct 2013 6.30pm - 8.30pm Manchester Museum Oxford Road Free. No need to book. Science after dark An evening of performances from artists who are working with Manchester University Tyndall Centre scientists to explore new ideas around climate change. From flooding to biodiversity and consumerism join Ellie Harrison, Adam Chodzko and the Owl Project with Curator and Director of Invisible Dust and Honorary Researcher Manchester Museum, Alice Sharp, in the atmospheric Living Worlds gallery. The only Climate Change event is run by artists

FUSION : CAFE SCIENTIFIQUE Wed 30 Oct 2013 6pm KRO Bar, Oxford Road 325 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PG Free. No need to book.
Science after dark Could controlled nuclear fusion be the solution to our future energy needs? Fusion - which involves combining small atomic nuclei into larger ones - provides the energy for stars, but there are significant challenges to be overcome before a viable fusion power station can be built on Earth. The most promising way to confine the very hot gas - known as a plasma - at the extremely high temperatures required for viable fusion power is to use strong magnetic fields. Share your views on this hot topic with Café Scientifiqe, an open forum where anyone can explore the latest in science and technology for the price of a cup of tea. Professor Phillippa Browning opens the debate with an overview of current progress towards fusion power and her own research on magnetically-confined fusion plasmas, before opening up the discussion to everyone.

Cambridge Festival of Ideas Wed 23 October - Sun 3 November
5:30pm - 7:00pm Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Uncomfortable conversations... why discussing the big issues is so hard From religion to climate change big issues provoke strong feelings and can involve very personal judgements. Speakers from the Global Sustainability Institute lead an interactive discussion on why we sometimes avoid the big issues. 15+, Free, Full access, Talk, Arrive on time, Booking not required

Monday 28 October: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Exploring lifestyle boundaries and low-carbon living We all want to do something about climate change in light of the idea that it poses a real threat to humanity. But what can we personally do? This workshop, delivered by Cambridge Carbon Footprint, looks at the 2013 levels of consumption, energy use, global travel and food sourcing and asks: are the solutions within our reach? 15+, Free, Full access, Workshop, Arrive on time, Pre-book

Tuesday 29 October: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Electric Cars? They're rubbish aren't they?! Adults, £3, Pre-book The Maypole Pub, 20 Portugal Place, Cambridge

Electric cars? They're rubbish aren't they?! Nothing but glorified golf carts that take forever to charge and then run out of power on the way to the shops. Aren't they? - Robert Llewellyn says no. This evening, he'll tell us why he thinks we need to think seriously about electric vehicles as the future of transport.
The Comedian continues his eco-propaganda tour

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2013 - 25th – 27th October 2013 Radio 3’s Free Thinking Festival of Ideas, returns to Gateshead
- Program out , but there is nothing about environment. only 1 with vague connection with Climate

Sunday 27th October, 2013. 3.45pm - 4.45pm. Controlling the Countryside
Do our decision makers understand the countryside? When people talk about preserving the countryside – what are they preserving? Simon Thurley is the Chief Executive of English Heritage

Battle of Ideas 2013 19 & 20 October London
- £55 for members plus £60 membership or £100
80 Talks but you can only see 11 max (cos 8 at same time) I'd end up seeing onnly 4-5 talks so I don't think I'll bother

SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER: 1.30PM-3.00PM Science journalism: the tyranny of evidence?

SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER: 3.30PM-4.45PM What is 'new environmentalism'?

SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER: 3.30PM-4.45PM Grow your own? The urban agriculture revolution

- SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER: 3.30PM-5.00PM Technology and sustainability: kill or cure?

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