697 September Festival Stuff

Wallingford, Campus Europe Hackathon, Newcastle British Science Festival, Heritage Weekend, Festival Of Thrift Darlington

- Wallingford Bunkfest Aug 29,30,31 Volunteering there
- Campus Party Europe - London. The O2 2nd - 7th September 2013. Volunteering there
- Newcastle British Science Festival 7th to 12th September ..they didn't reply so went as customer
- Heritage Open Days, England’s largest grassroots heritage event 12th-15th September. Did 10 Newcastle events
- Festival Of Thrift Sat 21st Sep - Sun 22nd Sep @ Lingfield Point, Darlington , volunteered

My New hammock

25cm shorter than old ..maybe OK for me, but too short if you are 170cm tall

- to sleep comfortable you need to be in an envelope, so used this trick of putting the tree tie ropes through the outer ties to pull them a bit tighter .

Hitching to Wallingford

Wednesday hitched to Bunkfest - to Stamford with the tank cleaner to A43.
- To Corby with Mr Peaceful Warrior a trucker who is into long distance walking to show society is not full of fear.
- to Kettering then had to walk 2 miles to the junction.
- To Corby with Mr Peaceful Warrior a trucker who is into long distance walking to show society is not full of fear.
- To Northampton with a Druid king of conspiracies, who did drop me right thru town on the Oxford road.
- Then Polish truck driver straight A34 so fast missed the Didcot juction. So got down and nice 3.5Km countryside walk across the Ridgeway to the Goring road. Then got a lift to Wallingford so pretty good timing arrived at 5.30pm

Campus Europe @ the O2

Graham Cluley at the O2

How Cybercrime Evolved From Back Bedroom Hackers To State-Spons ored Espionage with Graham Cluley - 14:00 - 15:00 Graham is one of the world’s leading experts in viruses and spam. He will chart the evolution of malware writing from the mid 1980s until today, predicting future dangers

- Graham maybe, police should patrolling net be looking for FOOTPRINTS in garden & media also spreading the alert when they are found

Hitching Home


- Checking future festivals ..some festival schedules have come in : Freethinking, Manchester, Norwich Fringe, Cambridge Ideas etc. I list highlights on the 697a and climate events on 697b

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2013 - 25th – 27th October 2013
The programme is out. But not much interesting to me.. So I won't be going.

- 4-20 October Ilkley Literature Festival - I won't be going . I would only be able to see any events if I lived in Bradford ..cos the interesting ones come up days apart & are on late at night after 9pm.

- Manchester Science Festival Thursday, 24 Oct- 3 November, 2013 Again the schedule doesn't work well for me ..dates either spread out or coinciding . If I went on Oct 31st I could see 3 events but event then they are spread apart

- Cambridge Festival of Ideas Wed 23 October - Sun 3 November : Saturday 26th I could see 5-6 events, Wed 30-31st I could see 4-5 events
- Cambridge fest has 5 poss events on Saturday 26 October.
- Both Manchester and Cambridge suffere from bad scheduling .. no events then 3 at the same time ..if one lived in the towns then one could see 2-3 events a week ..but one can't binge like at conventional festivals
- from 2012 spencer Kelly Saturday 27 October 3:30PM - 5:00PM Are we being sold online?
- The thing is the transport from this village is so bad I can only go any of these festivals if there are lots of events one after another & a free place to stay or if I am stopping off on the way to an airport etc. All too often 2-3 events are running at same time.

- Heck i just put all the events in Works Calendar, but then to export into Google Calendar is tough cos Google demands a strict format

- talks at Battle of Ideas 2013 19 & 20 October London 80 Talks but you can only see 11 max (cos 8 at same time) ..There are only 4 I am interested in so I am not going to be paying the £100 to go

Plan Next country

: anywhere warm and not expensive. If anyone needs something from the UK they will have to tell me soon, cos I will have to get on a plane soon. Not only is UK winter too cold, but accommodation is incredibly expensive so it's much easy to live in another country. So I have to get catch up with my computer stuff and decide where to go. Actually I am not really bothered which country I go to as long as it's warm, cheap to live and sane. Maybe southern hemisphere .. hope I get some inspiration. - Armenia ? but it's complicated cos by December it will be very cold there and it's not possible to cross into other countries to get south - Iraqi Kurdistan ? easy to visit : 15 day visas are available on arrival in but to stay longer you have to get a Iraqi visa in advance. some notes on 710

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