PC610 My walking the ancient Etruscan Road the Via Clodia
Summary of next 8 postcards
BEFORE Tue- Change of plan- We spent an extra day in Rome

Tue - I went up to Viterbo after 5pm to meet with Csers
(a) Wed - Blera
walked the Via Clodia
(b) Wed - Blera to Babarano Romano
(c) Thu - Tombs & back to Blera
(d) Fri - Grotta Porcine
(e) Fri- lost city of Norcia
(f) Sat - Tuscania and met up with Narciso in Cannino

(g) Blera Food Festival
Sun - Explore Canino then Narciso dropped me in Vulci ..

(h) visited Montalto Marina beach, Mon - tried to find hippy beach ..gave up .. took me 9 hours to get the 70Km to Orvieto

AFTER PC609d Tue - Ovieto with Vilma

Tues - come to Viterbo
- Vilma was going up to Venice & we'd meet up agin when she came back in 5 days The plan had been to bring Vilma to visit Sutri & Viterbo & meet up with CSers Valentina & Guiseppe for dinner before she took the train to Venice . But then on Tuesday morning we found that Viterbo is not on the main trainline so transport was getting complicated. We would have had to take a metro to a suburban station, take the train & switch to a bus and the same to get back. So stubborn Vilma said no. So we spent the day in Rome and then I alone went up to Viterbo after 5pm
- Actually the jouney was fast, it took me less than 95 minutes in all. So I met up with Valentina, Guiseppe and Enzio at the bookshop cafe for a chat.

- Great hospitality from Valentina & Guiseppe. Since I had 5 days to kill Valentina came up with the idea that I should walk to some of the old Etruscan sites starting with a track from Blera, where she teaches to Babarano Romano.

Wed - Blera & Via Clodia
- Blera sits highup on a valley with a new bridge crossing the top of the valley. There was a lavatorio so I washed my clothes there. Wow I saw 2 Italians walking, that's very unusual I chatted to them and found they came from Udine in the Northeast mountains of Italy. Most of the time I met Italians walking they came from Udine I guess it has a different culture from the rest of Italy.

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