PC608 INDEX : Walking back to Rome on the Via Francigena
Discovering a better Italy and meeting many kind people

Divided into parts - click to see the postcards
(a) Sat - left Rome with Danilo and arrived at the party in Attigliano
Sun - 2nd day of party, bad weather .. I helped clean up ..everyone else left Mon - Made a plan to walk to Viterbo to begin walking the old Roman pilgrim road the Via Francigena to Rome.
- Bomarzo, Vitorchianco

(b) Tue - to Viterbo

(c) Thu - Fri : Viterbo to San Martino to Roncigliano

(d) Fri-Sat : Sutri

(e) Sat-Mon : Calcata

(f) Mon-Wed : Arrived in Rome

- next my friend Vilma from Venezuela arrived & we travelled together see 609


Links : Via Francigena
Viterbo Province info

- Wow Lazio is impressive compared with other parts of Italy and all those untouristed fortified medieval hill towns. ...like Vitorchiano (with it's own Easter Island Moai) .. just been in the natural free hot springs on the road outside Viterbo.. then visited the Iron river and it's red waterfall.

- In 2011 I had travelled in Tunisia then across to Sicily & up through Italy. I was walking up the Via Appia to Rome hoping to bump into some work.

- A few days before reaching Rome I got a message from Vilma in Venezuela saying she is coming to visit Rome & Italy. So I decided when I arrived in Rome I would go upto the Couch Surfing weekend camp 80Km north & then probably visit someplaces around there and start walking the other pilgrimage road called the Via Francigena back to Rome in time to meetup with Vilma on June 2nd and show her some of the places in Lazio before she leaves to Milan on June 11th.

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