107 days of walking in 4 months, 1500+Km, 81 days on the Via Francigena
DAY PC600tb Walking in Italy Indexmore detail on postcardsDays on VF
1-4 Via Appia I Sun 24/4/11 Capua to Wed 27/4/11 Benevento :
606 Easter : Walking the Appia Roman road
5-18 Via Appia II Fri 6/5/11 Mondragone to Wed 11/5/11 Terracina To Thu 19/5/11 Rome 606b Via Appia INDEX 9 postcards
19-26 Via Francigena 1a Viterbo to Rome Tue 24/5/11 to Tue 31/5/11 608 INDEX : Walking back to Rome on Via Francigena 7 postcards8
- Travelling Lazio with Vilma from Venezuela 609 Travelling Lazio with Vilma 4 postcards
27-30 Via Clodia 1 Thu 9/6/11 to Sun 12/6/11 : 610 Walking the ancient Etruscan Road the Via Clodia 8 postcards
31-32 Via Francigena 1b Wed 15/6/11 Isola Thu 16/6/11 Formello 611 Walking in Lazio the Missed parts of the Via Francigena and Etruscan Roads 4 postcards 10
33 -34More Etruscan Places Fri 17/6/11Branciano, Sat - Canale Monterano, 18/6/11 Tolu 611b Lake Bracciano , 611c Tolfa, Cittavecchia, Cerveteri
35-47 VF 2 Thu 23/6/11 Viterbo - Gambassi (Tuscania) 5/7/11 612 June 21 back north on the Via Francigena
613 Adriano Fontani's story
- Gambassi Festival Thu 23/6/11 to 5/7/11
48-58VF 3 Mon 11/7/11 Gambassi to Sarzana 21/7/11 614 VF part 2 not finished 34
59 -61 - Cinque Terre Fri 22/7/11 to 24/7/11
62-64VF 3b Mon 25/7/11 Stefano to Pontremoli 27/7/11 615 VF part 3 not finished 37
65-77 VF 4 Thu 28/7/11 Hill Valleys to Rice Fields Tue 9/8/11 : 616 Over The Pass into Northern Italy, VF part 4 Hill Valleys to Rice Fields 50
78-85 VF 5 Wed 10/8/11 Mountain Valleys Wed 17 /8/11 617 Mountain Valleys VF part 5 58
85-95VF 6 Thu 18/8/11 Into Switzerland Mon 29 /8/11 618 Into Switzerland part 6 the Via Francigena part 6 69
96-107VF 7 Tue 30 /8/11 Alternative Route to Basel, Fr and Ger Sat 10 /9/11 619 the Via Francigena part 7
enough of walking, end at Basel
620 into France
620b Back in SW teaching a Special Class
621 Rheine Valley of Germany/France
postscript ..no work so decide to go back to UK overland

my route in Switzerland

Very Useful leaflet on Swiss route, Swiss route altitudes chart
My one page summary of the entire route
My one page summary of the entire route
via-francigena Wikipedia
correct lazio directory
italian guys stages
e.g to Acquapendente
Official European Union Info page
via-francigena Association Info page difficult to follow
Some info via-francigena Info page dififcult to follow

Italian site someone recommends www.camminandosullaviafrancigena.com same as http://www.lafrancigena.it/
Links to stage guides

Accommodation Tips going north from Pontremoli

- Some refugios
Refugio cassio €15 0525 526110
Refugio Berveto €dono 0525 60087
Refugio 3Km before Pasa Cisa,
Refugio casa grossa €15 0525 629072

- NOTE there is an alternative route going south from PO valley : Bobbio route through Bardi to Pontremoli

Refugio in Olia Litta- Pier cfcap@libero.it
- Santa Christina good refugio
- massifox@libero.it

Friends of the via Francigena in Ivrea region
- Alberto Conte of movimentolento.it/it/
- Paolo Facchin of The Association of Volunteers for the enhancement of the Canavese Stretch of the Francigena of Sigerico Way francigenasigerico.it

- "post restante" in Italy is called "posta fermo" info page

Stopping off to give Special classes :
British man's lecture on 108 countries of travel
- This is Stewart Green from the UK I have been travelling for 21 years through more than 108 countries, working as I travel in many diferent jobs ...from being paid to watch football, to being an English teacher in 7 countries to being in a movie with Jackie Chan. I will be coming to your town soon as I walk sections of the old Roman pilgrim road the Via Francigena north from Rome - One thing I do is stop off in smaller towns like yours and visit an English School to give a guest lecture. This is interesting for the students and they always have lots of questions so it gives them to practice their English by interacting with a native speaker.

- If you think this would be interesting for your students please contact me to arrange a time.

- I charge â?¬30 for a 1 hour presentation or â?¬50 for 2 presentations .. With a discount of â?¬15 if you can provide a room for me to sleep.

- More information about me is available on my website.

is walking a good way of travelling or good way of filling a lot of time

- .. I have a mountain of internet work to do, but never get it done ..as in the morning I have to pack up and set off before it gets too hot. Walking needs so much attention ..I hardly listen to mp3then I have to rush around before things close at 1pm, then I have to rest cos it's too hot, time disappears as I check email, supermarket, wash, was clothes, repair.


This is the house of the Lord. A place of silence and prayer, speak only to Him for your..dress: this is neither gym nor the beach...This is not a museum

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