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UK Winter came in August
Foreigners never understand how bad UK summers are.

August the 15th Summer Ended and Winter started

Yes in some areas of the country it dropped below 0C at night. For me it was below 5C ..that's cold camping.

Even before that sudden cold spell, I rarely wore shorts as it was rarely above 20C.
- Then Summer came back around the beginning of September, Saturday 31st was the last night of heavy rain then nights got so warm I didn't need to wear my coat to sleep in anymore ..with no real rain (in England) until the night of September 15th just before I got home.

This rain chart for the whole month of August shows there was rain everyday so my boots or socks never got dry. Look at the night of August 20th when I got rained out in Fort William.
- Then on August 24th there was heavy rain for the bank holiday in England as a result of the American hurricane Bertha, but in Scotland the heavy rain came on Saturday 30th.. Then as I said the Summer came back for 2 weeks ..England didn't even get that rain on 5-6th we can see on this Scotland rainfall chart.

UK property markets are in hyper-ponzi mode

I realised in April that UK property markets are in hyper-ponzi mode.

1. my experience in Telexfree
2. The classic economist Hyman Minsky who wrote about the property ponzi modes.
3. and confirmed by the expert on the BBC prog explaining how 'the gold market is a ponzi', there is no real world shortage, rather experts consistantly talk up prices and then after a couple of years then cash out, the price drops and small naive investors sell out at a loss, then those hypers re-hype the market into another cycle.
- The quasi-ponzi market has 90% same characteristics as ponzis like Telexfree. Like the users certainty it won't fall and that their profits are deserved, whilst politicians celebrate in tax revenues and suppress criticism, eventually being drawn into "on my god this is too big to fail, we have to keep it going"
Most markets do self-correct, however the dynamics of such quasi-ponzis mean that can be delayed a long long time. I wonder how they end.

Interesting new discoveries at Stonehenge

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