90 The Clitanic Disaster


I listened to that R4 Inside science prog with it's convoluded explanation of how unmeasured warming of Arctic water causes fresh water to rise causing growing ice is "one explanation"
1. It would be a different matter if BBC Science had shown integrity by acknowledging ice rise honestly instead of this BACKHANDED WAY..
The topic and failure of other GW predictions would have made an excellent climate special at a time when activists complain of not enough Climate Special progs. So we know BBC science can't be trusted.
2. I speculate that the phrase "one explanation" could have been accompanied by "another is... and another is", but snip snip went the BBC producer against explanations not fitting dogma
.. no that's wrong Turney is a warmest activist

Re Mawson prog where Turney came up with contrived explanation of warming causes more ice.. it's reporters job to be friend of public not friend of the interviewee, thus extraordinary statements should be challenged. e.g."where has this idea been published ?, what are the alternatives ?"
- My experience of being in same room as Adam Rutherford; with a smirk he said "well we won't find anyone here at the science festival, who doresn't believe in climate change" ... so he's a true believer not a challenger.

"Global Warming SALESMEN on a salesdrive"
= Proper acadaemic title for Chris Turney & Antarctic Monkees

summary : Lew is the biggest denier ever
he produces the graph Turney must have took with him
-you are entering Alarmist fantasy universe
"oh my God don't listen to those deniers, look at my graph. I was stable for last thousands of years now it's dropped off a cliff...."
COMMENTS : self congrats, bile bile, bile, deleted comment deleleted comment, bile,"yes WUWT is all lies cos Sks says so", bile, dc, dc, .. last ones
then "there is a problem with that recent data collection"
& "where's tge sea level rise that should have accompanied that ice loss ?"

Lewandowsky shows he provided ice graph Turney relied on #clitanicdisaster #AlarmistsRrealDeniers #wheresYourSeaLevelRise?

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