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Green=Clueless again

How much electricity do you you think the new Brigg strawbale 'renewable' energy plant will generate in a year ? You'd write it in MWh or GWh wouldn't you ? Look how the company themselves seem to mix up "generation capacity" with what it generates in one year.
Leaflet delivered to every house in our region Brigg REP will open in Decemeber and will generate 40MW of green electricity every year.. enough to supply 75,000 homes .....
So it's not 40MW per year it actually it generates 40MW x 24h x 365d = 350.4GWh of energy per year God I hate the way they use "homes" as a unit it seems misleading when the vast majority of electricity is used in businesses not homes But the greendream worldview is a fantasy so they are constantly pushing a fanatasy view of reality to keep up their illusion.

1. Is less CO2 being reduced ?

The straw plant is way less efficient than the gas throwing up more CO2 for each MWh generated and there is a 6 month lag between the CO2 being emitted and it being re-absorbed by next years crop. There is a clear infrastructure wastage cos it doesn't use the powergrid connection of the power station next door, rather they have put in another 5 miles of underground cables to the steelworks. £100m construction cost for a 40MW plant seems very large to me. (you could have put the plant at the steelworks but I guess you could argue the trucks would have to drive further, down now quiet roads)

2. Years ago I was led to believe the old Brigg plant would be using biogas from chicken excrement, but it seems that plan never happened and it's just powered by normal natural gas

Contradiction : "Why moved from gas to coal in a decarbonising world"

I had to check some facts today and realised I missed one thing. Perfectly good gas plants actually have been given incentives to NOT to produce. So here in Brigg YOU are paying a subsidy to a corp to build a pathetic 40MW strawbale power station yet right next door on the other side of the fence the 240MW gas power station has spent the last few years sitting idle ("preservation mode", which means they are not producing but ready to be switched on.) most of the time, cos it pays the owners not to produce, as they can sell the free UNUSED carbon allowances the gov has given them (pretty low value these days) - and when the grid needs "peaking power" they turn it on & get an extra high price for the temporary electricity.

So reason why a gas power corp would produce less and coal corp wouldn't
1. price of gas went up and coal went down
2. If you have a coal it is more diffcult to switch it on and off so when wind kicks in , switch off the gas and leave the coal one running
I think you get a better price for running the gas plant in this mode AND if you turn off more you can sell your spare carbon allowances on the Carbon market

Does anyone know anything about how conventional electricity producers will be paid ? - I would have thought that they basically get paid per MWh that they supply, but info on the First UK capacity auction to be 6 weeks time shows a really weird graph of pricing structure from this Timera blog on UK electricity energy capacity

green job fallacy

"green job fallacy as any money spent within the UK supports jobs, no matter what you spend it on." So if I take gov money from one dept and give it to green job corps I have not created jobs cos I have taken money/jobs away from another place.
- There are ways to creatre new jobs
1. when a biz exports
2. when a biz creates money .artists, or when I create value/profits without subsidy e.g. take property raw materials and sell for double/triple value

CFact Climate Film project : climatehustle

what was that good quote from curry about CO2 levels ?

- Curry's research showing Climate Models don't work and says her studies are proper : "Moreover, the estimates in these empirical studies (hers) are being borne out by the much-discussed “pause” or “hiatus” in global warming—the period since 1998 during which global average surface temperatures have not significantly increased."

The Answer is NOT always in the data – why data analysis is always contaminated by human value judgements


Facebook research - truth/perspective/context

5 bigger killers than ebola fearsome five diseases

The UK maths Museum opens a gallery at the science museum in 2015

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