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Resistant starch Something I have never heard of is the new superfood

The breakfast that I am the only person in the world to eat is somehow the New Superfood !
- one of my freecamping techniques, which I use to avoid the hassle of cooking is to soak pasta overnight so I can eat it cold in the morning

- ding-a -ling most things we are told are BS
The magic of Resistant Starch is that it is supposed to prevent diabetes, as easily digestible hot pasta, becomes hard to digest Resistant Starch so you don't get the same sugar rush into your blood and insulin need from your pancreas that is needed to get the surplus sugar out of your blood.
- Debunk 1. Of course if you are doing some activity in the hours after eating you'll be using up the sugar anyway
- Debunk 2. The flipside of that : "much of it becomes to behave like dietary fibre" do you know what that means ? "half of the food you pay for is getting flushed down the toilet" . So I wonder if many people don't end up feeling hungry later and eat another portion of food ?
- Debunk 3. - I can accept that hot food might be easier to digest than cold and you may end up extracting more sugar from it. But when I soak pasta overnight and eat it cold it seeems to me that since it is then like flour in water it is already half digested .. my body seems to process it fast. Indeed I switched to brown pasta , otherwise I got hungry too quickly.
Isn't the whole point humans cooking, that it is easier to digest & we get more calories from it ?

"Oh you've go to count your food calories ..BS I always thought just cos that food has those calories in that doesn't mean you digest them, what counts is the calories you digest - the energy you used to digest them - the calories you need for your life + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistant_starch ..dubious info
- Mechanism - how can reheated food be more difficult to digest than hot food..surely the less bonded a food the easier it is to digest ..That makes hot food easier to digest. And perhps once cooled the same food is more bonded.
- hang on what examples of cooked then cooled carbohydrtes do we have ? surely cakes & biscuits ..are they the new superfoods ?

Think for Yourself

As an engineer I think green is more a fashion label, rather than actually green. When you do the maths it does seem like it's not about the CO2 it's about the Subsidy. Who do you think pays for the subsidies & inefficiencies caused by green energy ? ALL billpayers T̶W̶I̶C̶E̶ THREE TIMES , once in the bill & secondly in everything else as any biz energy bills are paid ultimately by the customer. and *

- " It seems strange as we often get many users lobbying us to include even more of the cheapest ethical and green choices within our guides than we do (we do it in quite a few already). Yet in truth, very few people seem to be choosing to go that way." Well the voice of the green lobby is magnitudes bigger than it's vote ..Just like any pyramid scam there are many who benefit from hyping it and few who get any thanks from pointing out the scam, so of course the Pro voice seems huge. I expect there's also a backlash against the BBC's relentless scaremongering .. and refusal to have open & fair debate on climate.

- Greenreligion people are entitled to their views, but not to be unchallengeable, everything should be challengeable.

* (updated it's THREE times actually 3. and thru decreased government income ..fuels fuels come free out of the ground but are then highly taxed thru the chain. Replace them with 'renewunables' and the tax money they PAY-in disappears.

- Things like wind & solarPV electricity are not new, they have being getting subsidies for 20 years does that sound SUSTAINABLE ? nor are the companies small , but are often rather large foreign companies do they need start up help ?

Folks, of course I can go onto the end of time rebutting points ^^^but instead some general advice for moneysaving in general : "don't take MY word for it". Don't take anyone's word for it, don't use shortcuts like "believe Mr X", "dismiss Mr Y" .. THINK for YOURSELF
.. Instead of just getting your info from one place get accustomed to checking a variety of sources. Questioning assumptions with a fallacy checklist in your hand. Try it yourself with the rest of his points, test them.
..Being strong, accustomising yourself to critical thinking & testing people arguments before they you sell you a dream .. should in all kinds of circumstances help you do a lot of MONEY-SAVING in future.

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