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"Oh why is Farage always on question time ? The Green Party don't get enough time

- The Green party does has 1 MP, but their vote is limited to a handful of university towns. They have 2 MEPs, UKIP have 7.
UKIP national share is 15%, Greens average 5%. In Clacton UKIP obtained 60%, even 40% in north.

Bear in mind that BBC Eco-warriors "own" some progs and exclude non-greens eg. Feedback, Inside Science, all those Green progs and look at big list of just Caroline Lucas on IMDB& not included the time she was arrested and then got let off ..why ?
- Natalie Bennett has also had many BBC appearances but IMDB not upto date
Don't forget the Green Party already has their people embedded in the BBC on the other side of the desk .. Dimbleby for one

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