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Monday morning -Zing
- I'm coming back to normal.I woke up at 3am suddenly aware that I can think clearly , whereas for the last 3 days I'd lost 30% of concentration., thru wound in my back and internal organs. OK since getting up I've dropped down another 5-10%.
- Then 2 rubbish computers, that kept crashing...and I'm back to a headache.
I bought a bottle of cola, cos that loss in concentration sees to be caused by my stomach muslesvsticking or something and gizzy cola seems to help
Yep - Tuesday now and completely back to normal ..not sure if the problem was the accident or stomach thing.

Is BHers politeness respondible for failure to get media traction ?

Just listening to advertising expert talking about how they promoted a film by being offensive. this generated so many angry blogposts, that it generated people talking about the film. Skeptics at BH are obviously far & polite and don't seek to outrage or offend, but is our bending over backwards to be fair and non-offensive counterproductive ? we don't generate any interest so we don't get talked about.

Real story Climate radio

Listen to John Christy on the Centre for Industrial Progress pocast. I always thought Judith Curry is quite a bit of a warmist and Bob Carter is the supreme logical voice, but this John Christy makes him look like a soft Liberal.
- No wonder BBC chief-eco warrior Harrabin puts his hands over his eyes and says he can't see any sceptical Climate Scientists.
How different the world would be if the media didn't suppress the views of Christy and Curry both of whom have testified to congress.
" Dr. Christy is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Alabama State Climatologist"

- Do you live in the Global warming North Korea ? Seriously when you listen to people like Prof John Christy or Prof Bob Carter you begin to realise what a fantasy universe the BBC and green/left feed us.
- North Koreans and Russians must be laughing at & pitying you.
The spin that 97% of scientists support alarmism, that Germany gets 37% of electricity from wind and solar are just as laughable as soviet-style election results.. yet heaps of people in the UK & US believe them.

- Bob Carter starts this broadcast by asserting "most climate scientists" don't support alarmism".

Greens believe Al Gore in Rolling Stone

Serial Exaggerator Al Gore Loses All Sense Of Reality…Exaggerates German Wind And Solar Power 178% :
By P Gosselin on 22. Juni 2014 When listening to Al Gore’s numbers and figures, we really do need to worry that he may have completely lost his sense of reality. Otherwise we can only conclude that he is a stunningly unscrupulous fraud.
- See more at: http://notrickszone.com/2014/06/22/serial-exaggerator-al-gore-loses-all-sense-of-reality-exaggerates-german-wind-and-solar-power-278/#sthash.3ruKIRQB.dpuf
on podcast Serial Exaggerator Al Gore Loses All Sense Of Reality…Exaggerates German Wind And Solar Power 178% :

- Original article loaded with Gores Errors still stands there uncorrected


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