101 Suppression of Skeptics 2

Warmist personal CO2 Paradox

1 - The UK must sacrifice - at not even 2% of global CO2 has to go it alone in anti CO2 measures : to show a lead to the world, who will marvel at our success and copy us ha ! ha ! We are not going to impose on other countries 'they are poor'

2 - But UK greens don't sacrifice on a personal level have lifetime CO2 many times worlds average when you consider all their child-making, and green gimmick gadgets and counterproductive green measures.. and of course Top Greens must #GreensGoByAir to so many important conferences. Yet they want to impose high energy pricesprices and ineffective schemes on us 'the poor' .. Tell you what why don't we have the freedom to standby and enjoy low energy prices while they get on with reducing their lifetime CO2, then after 10 years we will be so impressed with the ease they have done it ..we might copy them ..with no need to impose it on us.

Shutting down Skepticism Again

Suppression of Skeptics 12

Big certain opinion out of mouth + no evidence on the table = Big orange feet under the table Quack Quack

- Barker "Skepticsm is fading.." evidence ? "oh I can't name any names" - Wally# : "I think Ridley is wrong" .."...evidence "I think Ridley is wrong"

As usual large amounts if projection.. so perhaps "Alarmism is fading.." I think you could show evidence for that.

Talking of projection, warmists always have this fantasy about their being powerful serial deception , by big money interests. So lets apply the projection rule, that would make them the powerful, big money, serial deceivers. Well the evidence seems to tick all the boxes; since the big money is really with green hedgefunds/subsidies & climate research grants.

# what about the "shutup you are not an expert in the field" rule ...Warmists shout "Lawson should be banned, he's not a bona fide 'climate scientist' ", Well neither is Walport

The "shouting Denier" fallacy

- if you shout "denier" then what you are saying has automatically become unscientific.

Some people liked it so, I'll quoted myself from2014/2/21/throwing-the-mud-back.html

The use of the word Climate Denier is NOT compatible with science. It is not a scientific word !
- let me run that thru (short version) In science you define your terms precisely : A denier is someone who lies about a fact they know to be true.
(Climate institutions predictions of future climate are just opinions not VALIDATED science.) You are not a denier if you just disagree with someone's unproven opinion, no matter how informed they are
(e.g. If I disagree with Stalin that "communism is the best system" I am not denying)

- Note how someone who uses the words "climate denier" is throwing the scientific method in the garbage.
It's a kind of Turing Test - If someone uses that term then they are not being a scientist in that moment.

Extreme Weather experiment from Myles Allen

Cool new citizen science experiment to prove Extreme Weather is connected to Climate Change from Myles Allen - The public are to help him compare computer MODELS of this years weather against MODELS of what happens in a world of zero manmade CO2. (my b*llshit detector just beeped)

- That of course much better than thickos like Paul Homewood who compare what HAS actually happened in the REALWORLD in the past, with today ! - 'Weather@Home' Info page - Covered in BBC InsideScience radioprog

The link he gave Discover Magazine article : Learning to Live with Denialism

on BH Got it @RichardDrake RBetts seems to tolerate the ROUTINE smearing of bona fide skeptics with the entirely malicious label "denier", jumps up to shout "smearer" at Shub ... but then immediately confirms the accusation Shub made was true. Irony meter broken.

- I agree withe ROAR rule for comments to remove malicious or intentionally disruptive posts, but I think for the record they should be transfered to a public page named Deleted Posts

'Friends' of the Earth ≣ Enemies of Mankind

Lynne Cohen

"Environmentalism a movement is search of a problem" .. chapter title for Lynne Cohen's new book Free A Last .."personal journey from a secular, far left liberal - a communist actually - to a conservative believer and an Orthodox Jew. Cohen takes ten political issues and, with up-to-date research, describes how they came to be viewed totally differently in her mind, sometimes overnight."

..couldn't you say the same for doctors ?.. or any caring org

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