100 BBC Feedback Pull the same Trick : Climate Quackery at the BBC

Suppression of Skeptics 11


The activists turn fascist and organise banning of opposition while condoning multiple occasions of warmist non-expert/scientist speaking on the BBC (link showsdiscussed on transitionnetwork.org)

do you know radio 4 Feedback ?, Transitions people organised a campaign masquerading as normal citizen and got airtime to call for the banning of skeptics like Lord Lawson
- Yet All the time any old bod appears on the BBC spouting off certainty in favour of warmists. Note most of those aired who are quoted as scientists are not actually scientists from with in the field. but rather Green religion scientists like steve Jones etc. Yet there are no calls to ban them.
- A lot of people were given airtime to to shout certainty on the link between climate change and UK flooding. Yet the one time when Lawson appeared on Today and of course, another 3 minutes of Feed back was devoted to "we have received a lot of emails from normal listeners" Except just like the last 2 times in 12 months that they have aired the same one sided view. All the speakers just happen to have the same names as activists or green energy corp people.

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