65 Walk_in_the_woods By: Bill Bryson 1997 Type: NF
65% : tale of their unsuccessful attempt to walk the AT, Appalacian Trail a 5000Km walk across US eastern side
Review : It teaches us what the trail experience is really like in a entertaining and easy to read way. He is a great writer. Very well written, lots of funny incidents, but a bit irritating cos they are a bit crap at the task & ultimately fail. He understands what the tourist crowds do is crap yet has many basic failings -- takes too much stuff, doesn't check quality of maps before he goes.
meaning : A book of many lessons don't be like him. . It shows things aren't always what they expect them to be and the failings of the US parks service. , importance of being properly prepared, false fears ie worries about bears when other unforeseen problems were worse for them, wonder of nature.

Basically they shouldn't have rushed into it. They should have tried a day hike with the kit, then they would have learned lessons like lighten your load, carry a good map. Then a weeks hike would have taught then what food to take.

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