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Open Skies - Closed Minds By: Nick Pope 1996 Type: NF
?0% :
Review :
meaning :  Maybe aliens exist, the government's man believes
synopsis :  Written by the government's official UFO recorder. He explains his conversion from complete skeptic and how he now thinks that there is something mysterious going on. Sure 95 % of reports can be explained as known phenomenon or hoaxes, but some can't e.g. Bizarre coincidences and people ending up with radiation sickness symptoms etc
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King of the Gypsies By: Peter Maas 1974 Type: NF
40% : readable tho not literature
Review :
meaning :  think green !
synopsis :  Good insight into American gypsy culture. They feel they have a right to steal and live in a twisted world where they continually lie even to each other.
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