Adventure of English

By: Melvyn Bragg 1996 Type: NF

75% Complete Histoy Of the English Language
Review : Very interesting book for people interested in anyway about Language.
meaning : Bragg loves history and geography, so includes a lot of extra fun stories) with the story of the language. I guess they are kind of inseperable, but he could have been much more concise . I skimmed it in a few hours

Synopsis :
Started as language brought over by Angles, didn't absorb much old British
Norse cames with Danes, latin back with the church, French, Bible put in English banned etc. Shakespeare put lots in. Language splits with America. Lots of new words from other languages. Attempts to plice language failed, some new words from Latin stuck. Then a lot of new words from latin/Greek to describe new discovered geography, plant science. Now language will be changed by second language speakers etc

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