The One Straw Revolution By: Masanobu Fukuoka 1978 Type: NF
80% :
Review : V interesting philosophy
meaning :Do everything with nature this simple way is best. The world has been blinded by science.
synopsis :
1938 He is ill in hospital when he has this sudden revelation "everything people believe is wrong, people live in a dream world". Gave up his job and eventualy returned to his father's farm to do do nothing farming.
OK, but when he applied it to pruned fruit trees they died. Proves you have to begin naturally, not just abandon something which has been damaged and expect it to come right.
returned to work.- tried same again ,but again the trees die. Can apply the philosophy to everything not just agriculture. I am inclined to disagree with this natural is best, making these notes is not entirely natural, but it helps me learn.

natural balance keeps insects down year after year through varying conditions i.e. frogs do the work one year, spiders the next. How natural do we go ? He says no harvest machines. But surely he isn't using completely natural varieties etc

No plough
No fertilizer
No weeding
by hand or herbicide (does use flooding or mulch etc)
How can it be 100% natural when you are always taking away by harvesting

When he sows rice, the birds would eat the seeds so he covers them in clay pellets surely this isn't natural

Only need to flood rice field for one week.
a little interference is allowed to allow trees to get back to their natural state.

Orchard did plant Australian trees to fix soil etc and cuts weeds down in the summer.

Criticize s scientists for not looking at thingd holistically.
believes agriculture shouldn't be run on a commercial basis. Explains commercial discard upto 75% cos not perfect, so natural farmers make more money.

Natural food is better than factory farmed more nutrients . What food is close is best i.e. freshwater fish over tuna.
government policy is continually in conflict with his philosophy

Criticizes people who use natural techniques without adopting the whole philosophy
natural is best. Criticizes science for trying to define things. what's natural is natural.

Title comes from when he saw rice growing up through straw in an abandoned field. Realized that contrary to Japanese popular belief putting straw on field is OK you don't need to compost it.

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