An Evil Cradling 1992 By: Brian Keenan Type: Auto-Biography
50% : worth reading
Review : a lot of insights into Lebanon and Terrorism
meaning : people do crazy things ,because they are uneducated
comments : The worst thing was not knowing what was going on.
realises that the guards are not very well educated, they can't understand concepts in books only Rambo movies
The warped logic, crazy illogical viscious circles
  • The Kalashnikov a penis symbol
  • A christian killed his sister ,because she was pregnant by a muslim
  • The family had to tell everyone she had been murdered by Muslims
  • The brother himself begins to believe this
  • So he shoots a crowd of Muslims
  • He is shot in revenge
We are chained to the wall they are chained to their guns
The guards are prisoners of their own rigid belief in the Koran ..they don't know how to think !
some of the guards go crazy
they beat Frank Reid because he was the weakest

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