Future Positive By: E de Bono 1979 Type: NF
50% :interesting ideas about thinking and future society
Review : hm
meaning : Our way of thinking needs to change, we look to criticize not come up with new ideas.
synopsis :

2. There are many causes of change

3. Thinking stuck in our Greek ways - we aim to destruct not create there are others. Our system is heavily skewed to the negative e.g. vote against instead of for. We are educated to criticize .

Adversarial system is crap - if I can prove you are wrong then I must be right. e.g. you said he murdered, he said he wasn't there, the truth is he had her killed.

4. Org systems lot of problems exist e.g. CYA Cover Your Ass

5. Logic bubbles we think in restrictive fields - so are often surprised e.g. protect renters, leads to drying up of supply.

6. Edge effect be aware of it .... for so long you are outside a path --- then one new step and you are along a whole new road. Often with no going back

7. Po - provocation ... what if ?

8. Big Slogans surely the problem is the precision of definition e.g. equal opportunity

9. V imp need - organization, - simplicity, - effectiveness

talks about nodes and concepts similar to my People People life agent idea.

contribution - waxes lyrical about his idea for paying taxes thro this

Choice calls for acceptance of alternative lifestyles etc

10. Mood a lot of complex arguments

11. Productive Wealth the system is so wasteful, e.g. parking meters money put in all used up in collecting it

12. Work Flexibility work sharing and volunteer work

13. Problems with capitalism e.g. in good times people don't save so there is no money for companies to borrow and in a recession people save instead of buying so the manufacturing machine slows down.
14. Economy is weird speculation etc causes problems etc all can do is crisis management.

15 Governance many problems with democracy e.g. cos of party politics e.g. avoid making decisions so don't make mistakes... opposition must be seen to oppose government even if you really agree.
16 Law and Order - suggests specialist courts. Current systems not working, suggests treating crime as social pollution.
17 Education seems to be the thing he is most angry about locked out of progress, things are taught cos they have always been taught. waste of time
Summary problem exists, people are intelligent in their own bubble, but in them big picture it isn't always good
says concentrate on next step not the big dream. Then contradicts himself saying
beware slogans
our thinking is based on medieval method there are others
don't be complacent
beware institutions they become self serving
beware crisis management not same a managing whole picture
thinking skills are important etc etc
essentially negative thinking is derived from medieval principles need to change

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