Stupid White Men By: Michael Moore 2003 Type: NF
45% : Left ring rant with some good facts. Exposes the bad system in the US, but not very well written often muddled ranting.
Review : Flawed Bit disappointing , expected better balance, Relies heavily on anecdotal evidence. Some glaringly untrue facts. Though some interesting new facts. Ironic syle not funny. Other people can write better and probably make better films, but they don't so it's upto Moore. At least he's doing something
meaning :  Wake up America ! The rich white men run it to their own advantage it's UNFAIR and screwed up (unjust, bad environment, destructive wars) the common man (victims) should get up and take control.
synopsis :
0 Intro . conspiracy to stop book been published. Librarians help get it published. became massive success

1. Election - 254 million didn't vote for GB2 names removed from voter lists loosely. - list of false names from Texas.
First cousin was Fox exec announced Bush win prematurely eyc etc overseas votes. Supreme court right wing loaded stopped recounts.

Cheney ex Halliburton CEO. Major Rep contributors got fines recinded etc. favors conclusion - get up and stand for election

2. letter to GB. Ex alcoholic, family money from Nazis - done lots of bad things ..cuts etc. Intellectual level ? Arrested 3 times once for DUI, lied. (wife killed other driver this relevant ?) benefited from privilege. RESIGN

3. Business favours ruling class
Pilots low paid. Those at top always live OK even in recession. business always taking advantage of poor yet rich always win, tax haven etc. UNFAIR. White privilege

4. Kill Whitey - (racist anti-racism rant)
Rant about his anecdotal evidence that most crime is white so fear white people. Surely statistics show blacks commit most crime we fear. Paradox about how people don't like to see rabbit killed, but don't mind seeing black man shot.
Real stats show blacks hugely disadvantaged. Says this proves hidden racism exists. Civil war was recent so effect still felt blacks not starting from same base. though neither are some whites, that's the point he's being racist lumping all whites into the same basket... blacks don't need special help, but all underpriviged people do. need to fix it so life doesn't depend on parents Marx

be fair, respect. Anti handgun - criticism of white liberalism all false.

5. U.S. is stupid education is not valued
know lots of sports trivia. American fashion to be proud of lack of knowledge. Lots of trivial distractions.

Criticises people who run down teachers then does that himself .
US badly underfunds education at basic level libraries etc. Uncontrolled commercialism and advertising in schools collecting labels exploitation etc
students stand up .. for election etc.

6. Lip service to environment/ recycling etc.
blames Florida aircon for Global Warning. Claims BSE can be spread in ash. California power companies etc.

7. Anti men, Men need to change attitudes
Anecdotal rant proportion of males dwindling. Proportion of women in power and wages way low (have a feeling if you compared spending women would seem to be richer) Criticism of men. Offensively sexist

feeling - book written by a succession of naive young interns and Mike pulled it together.

8. US is bad - military and business have priority over education and world water etc it's loopy. Gives money to Israel thinks he can solve Israel problem himself. Reveals his naivity in his Northern Ireland analysis. Yugoslavia, N Korea makes rampant generalisations trivialises the issues.

9. Injustice Priorities wrong - white big business let off over corruption and pollution. while come down heavy on drug users and minor black criminals. Illustrates injustices especially death sentences.

10. Democrats same as Republicans he said it better before - there are 2 parties - The party of big business and special interests and ....... the other party of big business and special interests.
Criticizes US lefties for selling out. Promo for Nader and Greens- claims have true integrity. Democrats talk left in fact falsely practice do same as Reps. Clinton's environmental laws passed at last minute and weren't set to kick in until last minute so when GB2 cancelled them it changed nothing. Voting records show may Dems consistently voted FOR GOP policies.

11. Evil Republicans have no empathy until it happens to them. anti-abortion people becoming V pro stem cell research

12.The Greens are coming ! apologies for his inadequacies. Use your power and change the White men system

13. Epilogue Press is compliant to big business and status quo. Permanent war allows big brother type control. TAKE THE POWER THAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS !

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