Messages From Water DVD By: Masaru Emoto 2003 Type: NF
05% : hippy optomism, no science
Review : disappointing. , I was very sceptical when I saw the movie as the whole approach was hippy optomism rather than scientific. Frankly the claims made were so extreme, they become unbelieveable especially when no other independent studies were quoted. and it documented unscientific testing system

They wrote good words in English on bottles of water and the water became "good". When they wrote bad words the water became bad. Conclusion pray and our positive thought enrgy will make the world a better place. An attractive idea .. but I don't believe it

when I watched it I was not surprised at the snowflake like images, cos as I understand to get a crystal it has to form around a speck of dirt of dust. in pure pure water you cannot get crystals for example you might get crystals in spring water, but not in distilled water

from wikipedia Emoto's claims are not taken seriously by scientists since Emoto has not attempted to publish any of his disputed findings through peer review in academic journals and he has acknowledged that he does not follow double blind procedures.

when I checked on the web seems the scientific community think he's a quack.

"The fact is that these photos are not of water molecules and convey no information about the water. They are most likely the work of the water-mystic and father of cluster-lore "Doctor" Masuro Emoto . More of Emoto's photos and pseudoscientific rubbish can be found at the Hado site. For even more far-out phantasy, see More Messages in Water or The Power of Prayer Made Visible.

Emoto's book "The Message from Water" contains photos of ice crystals from waters which have been exposed to music, words spoken, words typed and taped to the glass containers, photographs and long-distance thought messages. Some of the photographs are amazing and all of them show a response from the water.

Many of the photos are quite nice, but the shapes of ice crystals are highly dependent on the conditions and rates of freezing, so Emoto's fanciful interpretations have no scientific validity."

Synopsis : It's a documentary showing the work of Masaru Emoto a Japanese alternative therapist and amateur scientist. It seems very popular on the alternative circuit. and sit's about a Japanese "Dr" who discovers the hidden energies of water. I believe that scientists will discover something like this so it eemed the documentary was going to be interesting, but now it seems rather fishy to me.

The film starts off reasonable enough They take mountain water and freeze it and then they see "beautiful" crystals, then when they try other water they get "ugly" crystals or no crystals at all, well entirely possible as I understand it to form a crystal you need an impurity or "seed" for the crystal to form around. Mountain water will be full of minerals and tap water would have far less.

They start to say the mountain water has special energy. Maybe maybe not .

They then start to extrapolate. In the next experiment they .pray around water.. They say you get more crystals and if you have negative thoughts less or no crystals.

They show an experiment where by writing .positive words on bottle labels. again the water is "energised" to produce "good" crystals. Etc "If you drink this water you will be healthy."

Not only is it too good to be true the way the evidence is presented is fishy too. I expected them to present it in a scientific way and hear results like in 87% of mountain water samples we saw crystals and in 13% of tap water, but no. It's too perfect no rogue results etc. And there is no independent confirmation at all.

They say "see prayer works", "it influences the water". To make the world better we need to pray with "positive energy". It sounds too good to be true. I think that I feel safer putting on a seat belt rather than praying I won't crash

I have come across this kind of theory before in those California Hippy Books like Celestine Prophesy and Conversations with God , which don't seem to me to bear close analysis of their logic.

Then when I checked the background on the internet it confirmed my suspicions I didn't find anyone else saying they had suceeded in repeating the experiments. I found mostly reports criticizing him for his non standard experiment methods ie not doing double blind studies (cos they know what water is in the samples, before they look for crystals they maybe look harder in the mountain water samples etc) and just concluding he's a quack selling "energised" water. I also found the work is mentioned in a popular alternative film called What the Bleep Do We Know it is in turn criticised, and the organisation behind it called a strange cult. I notice here adverts for a movie called Gaia Symphony II by an organization called which also features Emoto's work. It's talk of peace and energy sounds good at first glance, but then also seems cultish at second glance. <

I found another report about other such stuff at

comments : when I checked on the web seems the scientific community think he's a quack.

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