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The Franklins Tale By: Chaucer 14?? Type: Novel
?% : difficult to compare
Review : for me it's incredibly difficult to read. It shows me how today we are casual we are with words. We just throw them down; wheras in his day each word is calculated in a multitude of different ways so that each sentence has incredible depth. He choses them to make them rhyme, show the tone, refer to other well known stories etc.
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Brazilian Adventure By: Peter Fleming 1933 Type: Novel
Review : A boys own adventure from 1925 the ill prepared adventurers set off down the Amazon to look for the lost Major Fawcett. I found it a little boring, I suppose if it was fiction the ending would have been more exciting. As it was they went to look , but ran out of supplies so had to turn back. I did read about places I already knew in Brazil.
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Dream a Deadly Dream - Allie Harrison - quite well written for a trashy love story

A JG Ballard novel predictable as hell

Non-fiction others - Skeptics dictionary by robert Todd Carroll - pretty good book almost worth buying Crimes against nature by Robert F Kennedy Jr -Bush Got have rolled back pollution laws and US environment is in crisis Texas 50% of residents live in smog over safe limits. Many more people die every month than died in twin towers. Read Branson's own Autobiography. He made a reasonable justification for his fraud case, but he's had long enough to come up with one. Claimed it was so easy to do he got into it by accident and had crippling dEbts at the time. And even spurred them on to develop the business to get the fine paid on time and avoid time in jail. Many people haven't achieved as much as him, but they haven't spent a night in the cells and paid a ?60,000 fine either. Book about DNA court case, reporter gets innocent man freed BBC Journalist Ragi Omagh's book about Iraq...Most people were glad when Sadam left. But it seemed like there was no plan for after. TV Nation book -(Michael Moore) crazyness and hypocrisy in America. Books to Check Blink by Glandwell , psychology -worth checking again A Devils Chaplain - R Dawkins Essays

Finished reading my book Across China By:Peter Jenkins 1986 not bad

Matthias Chang : Malaysia's Rush Limbaugh or Richard Littlejohn. Future Fastforward. Brainwashed for war Programmed to kill. more

Larry Elder - 10 Things can't say in America- black guy telling blacks not to be racist etc.

Vengeance by George Jonas more

Dawkins - The Devils Chaplin - his Essays more

some books more

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