The Strength of The Strong 1917 By: Jack London Type: Story
80 % : A moral parable with an inspiring moral in the vein of 1984, or Animal Farm
Review : He uses the changing lives of caveman as a vehicle to demonstarte the advantages and problems with a capitalist society.
meaning : Perhaps he wanted to comment on contemporary American society of the time (1917), but didnīt feel free to do so directly

Moral ..together people are stronger than as individuals.

Fighting is wasteful.

Cooperation produces more, but everyone must work for their share. Nothing for free..otherwise there is waste. Also follows the Marxist doctrine that workers must havean interest in the means of production- otherwise system breaks down, profit share

Rich can get richer by exploiting others, but also suffer if the whole tribe is weak as a result

Is it a veiled attack on American society , the wastefulness of capitalism and a plan for a better society ?

comments :


Set in 1975 China tries to take over the whole world

interesting to see how wrong his future predictions are , he doesnīt predict aeroplanes , communism in China, nuclear weapons, but did predict chemical weapons

In the whole world gangs up on China and annilates it.

For a left wing writer ..itīs very fascist..setting out to exterminate an entire race; killing innocent civilians. Just shows the political climate at the time

One wonders if the one child policey is a result of someone reading this story and deciding that it would be better to restrict children than to have the whole world gang up on China

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