Hocus Pocus By: Vonnegut, Kurt 1990 Type: Novel
60% : Maybe not as gripping read as some of hisother books but it's still Vonnegut
Review :
meaning : Same as usual :Life is a bastard, it's pointless, we can't do anything
synopsis :  Written in 1990 set in 2001 ... most his predictions for the future haven't come true, but I don't think he was being serious. A lone person battles against the craziness of the world . After the craziness of Vietnam he teaches at a college, craziness catches up with him and he's fired. He goes on to teach at the Japanese prison across the valley. After the prisoners escape and take over the college he's framed as the ring leader, again cos of the perverse and twisted values of this crazy world.
comments : issues: The system is crazy one of it's biggest disasters was the Vietnam war. America's going to the dogs : people are unable to integrate, it's heading for economic collapse. Se have no control the decisions are often made for us If you curse it gives people an excuse not to listen to you. Prepare for failure cos it's much more likely. Theory that a swastika was chosen cos it was representing the cross of a Christian army. Many references to companies which served the Nazis and are still going strong. Praises Childhoods End by Arthur C Clarke. Refers to the Appian way I think that's the walk in Greece. Idea that humans were programmed to trash the planet; so superbugs would develop that could survive everything so travel on meteoroids to spread life around the Universe. EVERYONE wants to build, but no-one wants to do maintenance. The connection between the Vietnam war and problems in US eg Vets becoming very good criminals John Gay - Athiests Bible. The Alamo was about the right to keep slaves.

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