Life of Pi By: YannMartell 2001 Type: Novel
50% : Interesting story, but it didn't teach me much
Review : People have raved about the book, but like the "Da Vinci Code", they seem to forget it's a novel not a true story.
meaning :Anything can be true Have resiliance we can overcome anything

synopsis : A writer meets a man who tells him to visit a man who will give an extraordinary story, which will make him believe in God.

The man is now a successful graduate in religion and zoology . He retells a remarkable story of survival when he was shipwrecked as a boy......
Grew up at his family's zoo in India. He started to worship 3 faiths. The family decide to sell the animals to finance immigration to Canada. So they set sail in a freighter loaded with many animals.
The boat sinks and remarkably he ends up in a lifeboat, with a tiger. He gets by by using the circus masters trick of "alpha male" dominating the tiger. No-one rescues them , months pass and still they a floating. It's a real struggle, but they just survive by fishing etc. They find an island, but flee when he realizes it's made up a carnivorous algae. Blind by starvation they encounter another lIfeboat with the starving survivor of another shipwreck. He tries to kill the boy to eat him, but he is actually killed by the tiger and then eaten by the boy. After 7 months the boat beaches in Mexico where the boy is rescued by villagers. Japanese inspectors visit him in hospital, but refuse to believe the story. So he gives them another gruesome story of butchery and cannibalism ... is this the real story ? both are incredible. The inspectors decide to take the first story.

with good story telling and story is plausible

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